When women do not usually go out to clubs

womenstayinghomeCouple of months ago the clubs were dead due to the fight event between May vs Connor (just lol instead of me getting laid with an online girl, I ejected the date with the excuse of watching the fight, fuck my life, but I fucked her anyways days after), everybody went to house parties and after, only DUDES went to the clubs, most girls stay in those parties…So, i will add pay per view events to the list…Now this is for North America, in Latin countries there is no Christmas. The right move would have been to go to a party were the fight will be or bars that will have the fight were a lot of women will be.

So women will not usually come out during:

Rain/snow (messes their hair and outfits my wild guess)



The weekend before new years (cause people save the money for new years)

The weekend prior and post big events (for example Halloween, new years etc… My theory is cause they spent the money on those events  for weeks after the event or saving the money for those events weeks prior the events).

Really cold weather or really hot weather…(I guess comfort issue)

There are some seasonal factors depending on where you live as well (kudus to a seducer named  ijjjji, who show me this), so you need to find out when is season in your neck of the woods or when is out of season.

^ You need to pay attention to this, cause sometimes is not your game, if there are not enough women targets to work with…

There are also lower seduction season from Thanksgiving to Valentines women are usually more into “relationship” mode, I call it boyfriend season, typically less women out and harder to game. (Though the week of Thanksgiving this year I fucked 3 new girls)

Interesting trend in North America most women are now into boxing, sports and mma, this was not the case back in the days, these are only 2 of multple girls i talk to that went to fight parties:

Me: Are you watching the fight 8:45 PM
Daniella dancer: Si 8:48 PM

Carina : Lmao getting ready to go to my girls house 5:43 PM
Carina: To watch these tontos beat each other for millions of dollars 5:43 PM
Me: awesome, but i am not into 3 somes 5:44 PM



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