What to do when women open you in the club!

woman-inviting-bedWomen will open you in a club situation or after hours for couple of different reasons, one is because she is attracted to you (awesome) or cause she is opening you for you to help her with a problem (not so awesome), or you can make shit up like she is opening you (example towards the end of post.)

So if the girl is attracted to you she will give you proximity, ask you to dance (rare but happens), she will come close to you and dance specially if you are fun and/or good dancer (be careful sometimes she will open you not cause she is attracted, but just to get warm up specially at the beginning of the night, or for attention whoring.) Other ways they will open you when she is attracted is asking you if you work there, pretending she knows you from somewhere else, taking your hat or complementing your wear drove, tattoos or piercings or telling you, you look like a famous actor (in my case most of the time Vin Diesel, sometimes The Rock, sometimes common the rapper or whatever his name is.) Sometimes they will have a friend open you, and say is her birthday. As you can see all kind of weak, but I use the opportunity to dance instead of engaging in a convo. and then during the dance I may give a bit of fluff and escalate.

So now lets talk about when they are just using you to solve a problem and she may not be attracted(careful sometimes she is attracted and this is her way to open, but i am assuming for most of the cases that they are not and just looking to solve a problem). Women will often ask me where is the bathroom? Do you have a lighter? do you have cigarettes? do you have ______(drug usually ecstasy or coke), do you know where is xyz club etc…. Now with the second part you can use cocky funny, and flip the script in a way that you can make it look like she is hitting on you and tease her, to see if you can convert her somehow.

So lets assume she is trying to solve a problem:

Example girl: Do you know where the bathroom is?

Thing you can say: is this your best line, really, are you hitting on me and this is the best you could come up with. If you were a dude trying to pick up a girl you would be in trouble. Anyways, i am skills, you are?

Example girl: whatever she answers does not matter

Then you can say: If i were you i would have said, hey you are kind of cute and i just wanted to come say hi.

Then you can take it in whatever direction you want if you have something. She either will play along and maybe we can game her. Or she will get a bit piss, if you got nothing and she is getting a bit piss, just tell her where the bathroom is and move on.

But at least we can use this to convert nothing into something.

So let me tell you what happened the other night so I can show you from the field:

Me: looking  for approach invites.

Hot babe: Are you a bouncer?

Me: No i am not, grab her hand, and order her and lead her to dance with me.( I know in my rules i say not to, but she open me, so in this context ok)

Hb: Where are you from?

Me: Lesbianese ( of course she did not get the joke, since it so loud on the freaking club)

Me: My nationality(Edited for privacy)

Hb: oh nooooooooooooooooo!

Me: Yep! every time i tell women where i am i from they run away real fast.(another stupid joke, my nationality is famous for being the biggest latin players, and we are)

Hb: Laughs, and tell me her ex hubby was from there.

Me: oh fuck, strike 2 then. (self deprecation)

Hb: giggles

Me: Did you break up recently ( trying to figure out the level of down to fuckness, if she recently broke up Down to fuckness increases)

Hb: no 8 years ago.

Me: So i do not have to deal with his jealousy (what i am doing here is projecting will be together)

Hb: no (she felt into the trap, i know is a go)

Hb: How old are you?

Me: Guess?(never give straight answer, make them work and invest)

Hb: 30

Me: Nah go up

Hb: 35

Me: yea ( lying but is good that she feels i am young)

Hb: How old do you think i am?

Me: 49 (exagarating her age on porpuse)

Hb: she got super upset and hurt (haha, change of emotions, i am diabolic)

Me: I am just kidding, you looks 28

Hb: —>blushing all exited

Anyways at this point, she is already hooked and whipped, very easy shit, ask me for my number, to go somewhere else, to please call her. As you guys know i have her so i want other girls, and i am not big on ONS. My point is to illustrate how women open, and how to handle it.

Now let me show you another thing that happened after hours, a girl not interested and how I convert using same principles:

Me: ordering a pizza (fuck off I still watching my diet, hitting the gym and the macros and i have not have pizza in a while, i still look good, again fuck off, don’t judge)

Hot babe Blonde: she is next to me in the cashier ordering a pizza as i am getting my 2 slices and paying.

HbBlonde: Order and says, i am sorry to me, and tell the dude she will wait for me to pay. (she is just being polite, but i am fucking evil)

Me: Talking to the cashier, see how she came to hit on me, that is how women do it.

HbBlonde: what you are delusional i am not hitting on you.

Me: yea right, and you even order a chesse pizza which is what i am having, i am telling you guys that how women hit on guys they like.

HbBlonde: The guy is the one that is suppose to hit on the girl if you want me to hit on you and makes you feel better i hit on you. ( at this point i know i got her)

Anyways guys pretty basic shit, but ABC, always be closing, look for any opportunity, be witty and creative. This shit ain’t rocket science!.





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