How To Spot Down To Fuck Women in Clubs (DTF)

slutty club girlsThere are 3 ways to spot dtf women or women that will give you minimal rejection for advances: One is before the interaction,one is during the interaction or a combination of both:

These are my personal experiences during the interaction:
If a girl is pretending to be drunk when she is not that much(for justification of sluttiness), if the girl is a flight attendant, or traveling for biz,vacation, break from college, if the girl is from out of town, A girl talks bad about her relationship or partner during interaction, Engage or married dancing too sensual with you or flirting during conversation, sometimes birthday or bachelorette. Also, if she is peer pressure by her group to be with you. Finally, in some cases cause her female friend or friends are about to get banged by someone they met, the group mentality. Edit forgot the cougars or older women..

This is before the interaction based on body language matches my experiences is from poetyclyskuac (thanks to the sexaddict911, for telling me about him)..Now just be careful he will say get dress really sexy, sometimes girls with bf, that are with them feel more comfortable dressing super sexy(for example my gf) when she is with the bf present other than that this is right on the money:

The DTF Women- How do you know she is on the prowl?
Posted on April 14, 2012
Do women share similar intentions with men when they go out? Yes women do. Women want sex just as much as men want sex and yes women go out with the intention of getting laid too. Women just have a different mindset for qualifications in sex. It’s hardwired into us, men try and spread their seed far and wide and let shit work out. Women know (even just subconsciously) that this could be the guy who leaves offspring and thus she needs to make sure she finds the best mate available in case of possible or for the best possible offspring.

As much as we try and rationalize our behavior, plenty of women may disagree with my outlook but it isn’t like I’m making this shit up. Look at their behavior, it’s obvious, otherwise the sexy dame would just fuck every guy in sight she was attracted to (she probably could). Instead she waits to find out what he is like first, why? If sex was just recreational then talking or “the interview” as I put it wouldn’t be a necessity in hooking up. Hell a picture of your dick and a resume of 5 past lays with reviews would suffice on whether she should fuck you. However you don’t get the job unless you pass the interview.

When is She is Looking the Most?

How do you know a woman is out interviewing for the job? What kind of behavior does a woman demonstrate when she is out looking to get laid? First I want to take a look at when a woman subconsciously wants sex the most, and her anatomy tells her she wants sex the most during ovulation. Ovulation is the point of a woman’s cycle when her egg drops so it can be fertilized. Simplified it is the time a woman can get pregnant during her cycle, it lasts between 24 and 48 hrs most of the time and happens at the midpoint between periods.

Ovulation is outright when her body is saying we need to reproduce. Her chemical levels change (estrogen levels increase) and her behavior in turn changes. She starts sending out “I need sex” signals, including a change in the pitch of her voice (a woman’s voice changes to higher pitch as the estrogen increases which happens as she nears ovulation), her skin tone looks younger and healthier, and she appears most attractive. Those are just the signals she sends anatomy wise, what she sends without trying. I’m not telling you all this so you guys can go out and get women pregnant, I’m telling you so you have a foundation on the reasoning that a woman wants to get laid and when. My Disclaimer: Please be clever cover and your lever.

How do you know she is interviewing?

Is Mama looking Good?

A study examined how close a woman was to her ovulation cycle and the amount of clothing she was wearing, the women with the least amount of clothing on were in or very near their ovulation period (even if they were in a relationship). Showing skin is a very well-known attraction technique I’m not sure I really need to go into deeply.

Don’t just look for exposed skin but look for the type of clothing, they may just be wearing tighter more curve emphasizing clothing. The clothing will be what she looks best in or feels she looks best in. This means she may be wearing colors that emphasize her eyes more. Her apparel will show her attractive features from eyes, curves, and skin (cleavage, midsection, shoulders, etc.). If Mama is using her apparel to catch attention Mama is probably looking for a little somethin’ somethin’. Women in happy relationships or satisfied sexually have no reason to care for appearance, why would they? There is no reason to trip on what you look like if you aren’t looking.

Open for Business

If a woman is closed off with her friend she doesn’t want guys approaching her at least her body language isn’t showing it. Her body language will say I’m open for business. She will have more open body language that means she will have hands open and wrists exposed. She will show more submissive signals such as a turned head. She’ll have an open stance that seems welcome to approach. Smile more often, and just have a friendly overall open body language. Remember she is out interviewing for the job, and it’s a publicly held interview. You guys will notice when a woman is open to an approach simply by paying attention to women that are with guys and women that aren’t. Go look at the woman with a man, she will not show availability, she might send some initial attraction cues but she won’t have that body language that says I’m open to an approach.

Flirting with Everyone

Along with her open body language and her turned head (a sign of flirting as well) she will be more flirtatious (even in a relationship according to studies). That means when she laughs at jokes she will have her head more loose, her head will be like a bobble head. It just bounces around more because they are relaxed. Flirting also means she is going to be sending more submissive signals and preens out to more people. She is going to be sending out more of those initial attraction cues to more people because she is more open to an approach.

A woman is going to close the distance and touch quicker and with much more frequency. Touch and closing the distance (especially entering the intimate zone of less than 24 inches) is a huge sign of attraction. We are like magnets that move towards our attraction. When a woman is on the prowl she will touch more men, stand closer to men, and do these things with more frequency. She will also engage in conversations more, after all she is out interviewing for the job.

Horny women are more sexual, she is hornier so why wouldn’t she be more sexual when she wants sex? This means mention of sex will happen more often in a conversation. She may talk about sex more often, what is more often? Well, how often do women mention sex early on in an interaction? Most women only mention sex when they are on the prowl for a little fun. Some women are just that way but even they are normally very sexual women and sexual women aren’t always looking but are normally open for good sexual opportunities.

Peacocking Behaviors of the Cock Hungry Female

Women who are out looking stand out, they yell, they scream, they jump, they catch attention. I’m serious women who want your attention look for tons of ways to get it. That could be skin showing or could be literally loud but women try and get attention when they are truly aggressive and want to get laid. This isn’t every women but it is a good amount. I’ve come across a ton of women, and while some women are merely far more outgoing, most that are looking to actually catch attention are women who are looking for a little cock. Sound funny? I’m damn serious. Loud women are usually women that want attention (though some are just drunk) and loud women normally want a little cock. Tell me I’m lying gals.

Similar Behavior to Ovulation when she just needs some “Satisfaction”

This behavior is not just part of ovulation, it is a part of any woman who wants to get laid, like I said women want sex as much as men. Some women want tons of sex and some a little, some men want sex and some a little. It is all women to women but know this women have the same addictions to pleasures such as an orgasm (lucky women get so many more orgasms, so many more dopamine rushes), and hardwired need called reproduction. We are wired to reproduce, it is how it is. I’m not saying you want kids, but I’m saying your want for sex shows your need to perform the action that can start reproduction.

Any woman who wants to get some cock will show the same behaviors. She will do all of these things when she is on the prowl even if it’s not ovulation related. It’s not as if a woman who wants to get laid mentally is going to act differently to someone who has the biological want to get laid. The behavior is one in the same that is why it is so easy to see the behavior. A great example is the single birthday woman, how loud and sexual is she when you know she is on the prowl? I’ve been propositioned by multiple birthday women, boy are they careless in putting themselves out there.

So if you want to find that women that is down to fuck tonight, look for women dressed well, sending approach cues, open body language, more flirtatious, and attention grabbing behaviors. These are normally the women out trying to get laid, it’s pretty straight forward. Note: If you want to get a woman out on the prowl you still need a good open.




Here is the video make sure you are able to read the annotations:



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