Alcohol and drugs when it comes to club game

alcohol I am gonna keep this short, if you need alcohol and drugs when it comes to club game, then you got a go home look at the mirror, and repeat this: “I still have approach anxiety”,  “I am in denial”, “I probably suck” and “I am probably not as good as I think I am”, repeat this about 1o times. Then, start from the beginning to build your foundation the right way.

There are couple of gurus out there that advocate using drugs and alcohol for pick up which is the dumbest shit I ever heard in my life.

I will repeat this “FACT”. You do not need ANY drug or alcohol to pick up women. “Alcohol/drug courage” is not confidence.

I have done cold approach pick up for more than 20 years and I can count with one hand the times I drank, and my lay counts from cold approach are in the hundreds.

If a girl or anybody questions me about drinking I just say “I don’t drink since I teach martial arts, but I don’t mind if you do”. You want to say this so you do not come across judgmental or I am better than you attitude.


Now if you have your Approach Anxiety you need to handle with progressive desensitization and start from zero like a newbie, fuck the ego.

Also, I don’t get how there are still gurus that have AA.

Finally, if you do enjoy couple of drinks because you really do (not as an excuse, i enjoy drinking when the truth is that I still have AA), then this is not applicable.

Drinking/drugs consequences:

  1. Expensive.
  2. You will never develop the self-amusement/I do not give a fuck attitude/confidence that women love.
  3. If you are drunk and the girl is drunk and she is mad you could be accused of rape.
  4. You could get a Driving under the influence citation that could ruin your life.
  5. You will get fat and/or affect your progress at the gym.
  6. It could put you into a buying drink situation with women (provider frame).
  7. You will not be as sharp with your pick up mechanics/fundamentals.
  8. Bad Breath.
  9. You may have to go to the bathroom a lot interrupting the flow of interactions.
  10. Easier to get into fights

But the most important problem is that drinking will destroy the most important aspect of pick up which is “References Experiences”.



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  • PEter says:

    This is true.
    good advice.
    Im a hardcore raver, usually hopping around on MDMA and while it does give me confidence and energy and it does make me incredibly social and it does help with the ladies, it causes impotence, and I have been rejected because I had do boner.
    same goes for coke.

    alcohol is a waste too because it shuts down your body and you will not be able to dance.

    I recommend maybe coffee (not energy drink) and ginseng to keep you awake and movin.

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