My approach on how to get laid online

online datingIn this post I will discuss how to get laid online, based on my STYLE.

I did online game, about a decade ago (pre-apps only and only pof), in my brief online journey i was very successful, but it was a very sexual polarizing profile (took 2 girls to swingclubs straight from online)…

As suggested by many players to test it, I am finally trying it, and I will share with you what I am doing so you can try as well..

My original goals were:

Goal 1.- To diversify and go with the trends, master it and develop my own method/style.

Goal 2.- To get to the point were i can combine it with my sexting/trolling (but i rather avoid this, if based on experience i do not see an opening to pull it)

Goal 3.- To have an alternative to night game when I get a lot older.

Goal 4.- To combine it with dancefloor game which is my strength.

Some misconceptions so far that I have noticed:

– Women choices are not all that. (very few quality guys most dudes are chodes, betas, afcs, weak game, needy,creepers, married, weirdos, uncalibrated, outcasts, nice guys)… I am going to write a future blog dedicated to women, titled “women don’t have it any easier” or some shit like that, blog on the works. (It has been a long time since I wrote for my women readers, I got you girls, stay tuned)

-During a date a girl showed me her pof, and a bunch of weirdos…The reason I bring this up is because prior to me doing online, I thought “omg women now a days have many guys to choose from” but not so, there are not that many ATTRACTIVE guys like we ASSUME.(I am not talking about looks only, but attractive in general)

So far I have a bunch of choices, women pming, putting me on “meet me”, favoring me… But is 98% women that I would not touch with your dick.

Following the last point, the main problem of online game is QUALITY, yes there are the 8-10 range which is my target, but the problem is THE %, so far in okcupid and pof of the 8-10 is about 10% so 40% are 5-7 and 50% are hideous creatures from swamps of I don’t know were….

My biggest influences are: pob, cocporn, chase blog,Revolutionlifestyle design and the global players guide…. But i am still doing my own thing (my own trolling stuff, but i combine with cocporn method)….

Some other community influences is bravo pua (video at the end)


What I want to teach is how to subcommunicate stuff through your profile, however the most important part is PICTURES, pictures is 95% of the game online, since you can not show your personality other than 10% through your profile, but she will never reach your profile if she does not like “how you look” get me… Pics is number 1…. If you are ugly take only 1 pic, if you are ok looking max 3 pics… If you are an attractive cool dude, post 5 pics…

I have a pic shirtless doing capoeira (see if you look good do not take a selfie but a pic doing an activity)

A pic with my dog (rip)

a pic with my face ( Strategically a pic were i look exactly like Vin Diesel when he was hot and younger since now he looks like shit!)

a pic in a suit

For more on pictures this article breaks down the dudes in tinder that got thousands of matches. I highly recommend you get a professional photographer, unless you have a really good camara phone aka iphone 8 or Samsung 8 and you take 100s of pics. I got a photographer for $50 dollars, now this photographer thought I was a professional model and wanted to do it for free in exchange of me helping helping his portfolio, but I declined.

Now with the body of the profile you want to sub comunicate that you are attractive, funny, sexy, sexual, confident etc…

I will break down in parenthesis what I want to subcommunicate so you get a feel of my game with my profile, again do not copy cause you and I are different.

Name “latinvindiesel” (right of the back, I am screening for women that are attracted or want to fuck the actor Vin Diesel)

Title: I will tell you later… ( this is a bit cocky to spark curiosity and have them check my profile)

Recently out of a 10 year relationship (this is kind of bull shit but if you are out of a relationship or just moved to a city, it will make you more attractive to women based on studies)…I used to make fun of people doing online dating, unfortunately I have to eat my own words, since I have gotten really busy lately. ( I want to convey that the ONLY reason i am online is cause I am busy and i have no problem meeting women in real life, which is the truth by the way)

It actually takes 3-6 months minimum just to get an idea of somebody, so anything I write in here about me is pointless….(here i am setting up my poly frame kind of, remember guys i tell the women when they ask if i have a girlfriend that i date and after i date and get to know them and we have to be exclusive, i have the POTENTIAL TO BE EXCLUSIVE).. With that being said this is a general idea of my pros and cons…(all my pros is shit that women droll over, specially height)

tall (for the girls that like to wear heels)
good with people
I understand women (most guys are clueless)
Good family
no drama
good dancer
not needy
Truly single by choice (not living with a girl, or ex-wife or none of that drama that most guys here have)
Good at getting hints and sub-communication
I do not MASS message women here, like most dudes (I usually send maybe one message to a new girl a month, if any, so if I message you is cause based on experience I think there could be a possibility).
Not a nice guy (a needy pushover)
Not an asshole (aka overcompensating arrogant Jerk)
But a good guy (a cool guy with boundaries and easy to get along with)


I am busy and sometimes need my space to work on my projects (keep this in mind if i do not message you right away)
not the jealous type
ball buster

Please do not message me if:

Stripper (it never works out), ass implants, transvestite/ transgender (not that is anything wrong with that), you are looking for a sugar daddy, you live more than 20 minutes away (sorry), if you look in person like you ate the person in the picture you originally posted, if you have a lot of masculine energy, I am a masculine alpha man looking for a feminine girl.


Traditional Dates are boring(dinner and a movie), 2 strangers in a sea of awkwardness, I would rather do something more spontaneous such as dancing,play pool, live band, or walking at the park, mall, beach etc…

What do I look for:

Personality (good vibe, cool and easy to get along, your life together, low to no drama), looks (you take care of yourself), performance (you are not a dead fish in bed)


Again, If I message you is because I am interested, if I take too long to reply is NOT because I am playing “too cool for school”, but because I am genuinely busy (which is why I am here in the first place).

Converstion starters:

Just a small town girl
Livin’ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train
Goin’ anywhere

What goes next????

&*^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^ (^( ^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(

My style so far:

– I do not open (well maybe 1 opening a month) I open with “we would never get along we would have too much fun, I am “my name” nice to meet you! (if she does not respond, i am done, i assumed she in not interested)

– I look at their profile to force an approach invite and for them to see that i checked their profile

^ if they look at my profile i text ” you view my profile and you don’t message me, not hot enough for you, maybe is for the best we could never get along anyways, we would have too much fun together”…

– they usually open me cont. the song i posted on profile

– a lot of fugly girls open me, i just do not reply and they get the hint

– out of all the girls that want to meet me (so far about 50, about 5 in the 8-10 range those are the ones i focus on)

The good about online:

– automatic abundance.

-delusional sense of “i am all that” — with so many girls hitting on me…

-very efficient… (so bd and revolution kind of right)

The bad.-

– the quality of girl is bad % wise vs other games…. Yes there are 8-10s but very very very very few…

– though efficient, kind of time consuming… (lost many girls cause i do not message back or text back right away)…

-though i bust their balls and troll them online to entertain myself, online game is EXTREMELY BORING, compare to street day game, night game and dance floor game. (Soon I will post a lay report so you can see how I went from online to busting all kinds of nuts with less than $5 dollar cost (that was the cost of the startbucks drink)

Happy with my results so far:

– This has been experimental so far, cause i want to get good in those, retarded sites “pof and okupid” before going to tinder….

In the future I am about to write how to get laid on tinder, my style…

Here is a video i found helpful:

Out niggassss!



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