Club game factors that are out of your control

facepalmSometimes is not you or your game:

Hey man a lot of guys over analyze when sometimes they did nothing wrong. There are some factors that are out of your control, no matter how good you are, your experience and your game, that will make your seductions really bad or almost impossible at clubs. So if you are going through a slump find out if is because your lack of fundamentals ( Factors in your control) or factors that are out of your controls like some of the ones i will mention. Now do not use this as an excuse. But i saw one of my friends getting down on himself for no reason, i say dude “you can not sell tanning beds in the desert”.

1.- Cock Fest or kind of empty: If you have 10 dudes or more per women, no matter how good your game is, seductions will be super difficult, especially when the dudes are aggressive. The same if the club is kind of empty it will be difficult to hook up.
2.- Target poor environments: Following number 1 some clubs do not attract women, or lose their momentum, and go from target rich to target poor really fast. Or you live in a crappy small city (bad demographics).
3.- Rain, snow and holidays: Following 1 and 2, In rain, snow and some holidays(Christmas and thanksgiving) women do not typically go to clubs.
4.- Time of the month or day of the week: Most people in USA will get pay twice a month, or the bills are due at the same time of the month. So during no paying times there will be less people clubbing, specially women. Finally, some clubs or cities have days were less people go out, were i live now i am noticing is Fridays, Sunday and Monday.
5.- Boyfriend, prospect, date: A lot of the rejection is because the girl may have a boyfriend, prospect or date that she is really INVESTED in, and he is present or about to meet her there, but even if he is not present she is invested in the dude. Since we all know boyfriend/hubby don’t mean shit at the clubs.
6.- Limiting Beliefs: A minority of women(they exist), have rules of not hooking up with guys at clubs. This is very small % and those girls you don’t want anyways cause she may be a religious nutcase.
7.-Creeped out really bad.- Sometimes the girl has been creeped out by a lot of dudes before you open her. So she is in state where she is on automatic rejection pilot.
8.- Beginning of the night.- As i keep saying very early in the night, women are not calibrated with the venue, so they may be uncomfortable, sometimes they need to get couple of drinks, unwind and bond with her female friends to get in state..
9.- Uncalibrated Dj.- Sometimes you are in the bubble and you got the girl ready to go and the dj goes from one type of music let say a slow erotic jam, to a crazy horrible super fast energy , or the music sucks in general not allowing smooth dance floor seduction.
10.- Jealous overprotective cockblock: Sometimes you do everything right befriending and the cockblock is a girl with issues that want attention and is jealous of the excitement and arousal her female friend is experiencing with you, or she just does not like you for whatever reason.

Others: Pain in the feet(high-heels), drunkenness, period cramps, family member present or ex-bf etc…





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  • Socialkenny says:

    This all comes down to a mind-set shift I should say where guys shouldn’t be looking at small mishaps as failures.

    Logistics are your worst enemy in game. I’ve been fucked more out of ONS and SNL from bad logistics (like a cock fest) than bad game.

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