Debunking the women rating system

ranking womneThe women rating system is a debate that you see every week on forums, the information,myth, exaggerations and bullshit is all over the place. So lets start with the 2 types of ranking systems used by the seduction community:

1.- The  HB —noun [hot babe] system: a term used by members of the seduction community to refer to attractive women. When discussing a specific woman, it is often followed by either a numerical ranking of her beauty—such as HB10—or by a nickname, such as HBRedhead. Origin: Aardvark.

Usually a seducer is not suppose to go under what is call and hb 6, which is an average type girl. For what I have seen an hb 10 is a model or supermodel looking girl. The problem I have with this system is that I can not get a hard on, with a young looking supermodel type woman. I like my women curvy but not fat, and I am more of an ass man. The second, problem is that as you start having sex with a lot of women, you will start to favor more sexual performance, behavior and other qualities.  Third, problem is that you get girls like this to score validation from other dudes vs. true sexual desire.  Fourth problem, is availability a lot of this women are scarce (they are typically serial monogamist that got a boyfriend or a husband). Finally, a lot of dudes will start putting these girls on a pedestal and alter behavior and so call “game” with this girls.  Now that we got all of this out of the way, I encourage to at least sleep and seduce couple of these girls in your path to becoming good with women, maybe they are indeed your 10s.

2.- System Fuckable Vs. No fuckable: This system is more flexible and less complicated than the above system, cause every dude has his preferences in women, in other words my 10 may be a dude 6 and my 6 may be another dudes 10. The problem with this system is that it fails to measure personality, behavior, attractive qualities and sexual performance. The second problem I have with this system is that it may help mediocre type seducers keep being mediocre instead of aspiring to be with higher level quality girls.

I don’t like either system I think they have flaws for the reasons stated. Oh shit, almost forgot there is a type of girls that is call the top 1%  these type of girls are the type of girls that no matter what your type is, when she goes into a club for example women, dj, bouncer, everybody is doing a 180 or 360 to look at her, all the time and everywhere she goes. For a dude to get this type of women he has to have his looks, style, masculine behavior,status/money in check, if he wants to keep her long term. The reason is that yes you can get those girls but you are competing with more high quality type dudes.

So now that I got all this shit out of the way let me teach you how I rank women. I go for what I call the trinity which is personality, looks and sexual performance, so let me break it down:

Personality: I can be my authentic crazy self without holding back in her presence. Second, she does not tell me what to do or try to change me. Third, she does not smoke, do drugs, baby daddy drama, constantly financial issues that interfere with my own life (I don’t care if she has financial issues as long as it does not fuck with me), she is not a clinger, she is not a drama queen etc…. So, let me tell you about my main girl, she does not bother me when I look and say I want to fuck other women, she makes her own money, she does not drink, do drugs or smoke, she is very low drama even after 8 years, she is coachable (in a future post I will teach you how to do fixer upper game), she LETS ME GO CLUBBING with no drama whatsoever, she lets me do whatever the fuck I want (no that she has any other choice since I am SKILLS).

Looks: She has to look good naked, in other words when she is on top or doggy style or when i look at her NAKED, mi pipi gets very very happy. Now the key word is NAKED, women have all type of tricks to look good with clothes on. My current main girlfriend is the hottest girl I have ever slept with naked (to my standards) and top 10 if we include porno movies, strippers, escorts etc…(her body looks like a YOUNG Nina Hartley naked with the Brazilian tan lines, and I used to fap to Nina Hartley through my teen years)…

Sexual performance: She has to have above average sex skills in bed. My current main girl is one and continues to be one of the best sexual performers ever, she does some crazy shit in bed that OUT OF 200 plus girls including porn actresses, strippers, sexual freaks etc… can not compare. Her looks help as well but she anticipates what I really like and does it, just by me thinking in my head about it, lol, it is pretty crazy and amazing. Anyways, what is the point of having cool girls with amazing looks if they suck in bed, think about it.

So there you have it the skills method ranking system: Sexual performance, personality and looks. Disclaimer: this is another reason you need to fuck them fast, by fucking women fast you get to see them naked (looks), you need to get a sense of her sexual performance and after you fucked them, they are usually themselves instead of a fake her (all the shit women do to pretend they are girlfriend material). Out!


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  • Kid says:

    In every book about pickbook thats worth a read, it is made clear that these ratings are only there to.communicate to others, how hot a girl you are talking about/dating … attrativeness is not objective .. dough… Idiot … Use comon sense.

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