The different schools of seduction

seducerThere are currently 3 different schools of seduction according to a seducer name assman:


Old school PUAs – Focus almost exclusively on creating attraction, from a place of need and typically oblivious to a woman’s responsiveness with canned and unnatural material i.e dancing monkey which is extremely inefficient and unattractive in general – this is not game but nerd shit.  

These are schools of nlp like Ross Jeffries, Mystery Method, Style and Love System (this is about 80% of the community, unfortunately). It is the fake it till you make it, fake alpha/needy alpha stuff. It does work to some extend, but as my friend assman says is very ineffective and slow. But for some guys that are introverts and analytical nerd type, may help them short term with a head start.  I think is horrible and I do not recommend it at all, mainly because it teaches you to be social and not to get women panties wet.


New age PUAs – These guys have gone too far the other way and only focus on receptive chicks and next girls who do not immediately comply to protect their ego rather than understand women better so they can tailor their approach, give women a more pleasurable encounter as well as increasing their options



I actually like and recommend this approach,  I think is highly efficient, effective and unlike my seducer friend “assman” I do not reach the conclusion that is to protect their ego (though a lot of them do it to protect their ego, and there is an element of truth in that statement). The problem is that many newbies do not apply this approach well and fuck it up by doing many mass approaches/strictly numbers game type of approach. Which i discuss in my post “Debunking the numbers game Myth”.  Ex. 60 Years Of Challenge, Good Looking Loser, Mode one, Aaron Sleazy, models and even my method has an element of this approach too.


Players/Seducers/Lovers – They know how to work with what they got, how to make things happen and when to cut their losses and can provide women with sexual encounters that very few men care or know how to offer – this is where you want to be.

^ Most good naturals are here as well as some of the most experience community guys that get pussy including guys from the previous 2 schools that I mentioned. These level comes from years of experience with women and getting a feel for women. My friend sexaddict911 as seen in my book, Cost Of Success, Teevester, Tyler From Rsd etc…

Now there is another school that assman forgot to mention which is gaining a bit of popularity as well  and is the Brent Smith philosophy. Basically, Is about not pursuing, care free unattached to the outcome and sex just happens, you do not go looking for it. A good example is the character played by Hank Moody in the showtime series “Californication”. The problem with this approach for what I have study is the lack of aggressiveness and sexual escalation in the Brent Smith Method. However, if you read my book, I naturally incorporate in my game some elements of this approach as well.

My final conclusion is that i believe that is good to be well grounded instead of being strict and stubborn with your approach. I naturally do a bit of everything except probably the old school of creating attraction, if you follow me and my philosophy, I am more on “creating sexual arousal”. But with that being said It is good to know plus experiment with all styles and do what works for YOU and makes YOU happy.


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