Height matters, how to become taller (contribution by Hunter_Fox)

tallAs seen in the looks money and status video, looks matter. Part of being good looking is being tall. Most look factors are in your control, you can hit the gym, eat right, learn about style and learn masculine attractive behaviors, this can happen really fast, specially if you follow my instructions. Unfortunately height is pretty much out of your control. But as always, skills comes to the rescue. Now I don’t want you to be paranoid if you are under 6 feet, I know plenty of dudes shorter than 6 that get laid a lot and with hot women.

I would never forget back in the days when i was a needy alpha, that my ex girlfriend best friend was a hot dude and I was super jealous. So I set him up with one of my female friends, and she said no i don’t like him, I like guys like you. Never understood it till my ex told me, ” He is short”, I being a fag, told her “but he looks good” then she said “I would never date anyone under 6”, I said “really” , what if he is hot “it could be Bratt Pitt under 6 i am not interested”.

So lets look for some solutions, special thanks to a seducer name Hunter_fox that taught me all this stuff, first you need to get this  or something similar, just make sure they have that “Nike air” for comfort:

shoe lift


When they arrive, take them with you and go shopping for some ankle boots or even better, cowboy boots (if you know a place that sells them). You may need to cut or rip the perforated edge of the top of the inserts to fit your shoes size. IMPORTANT: The top of the boots must go higher than the ankle in order to allow enough space for the inserts. The extra leather of the high ankle also visually hides the inserts. NOTE: Putting the inserts in normal low shoes does not work.

I would not recommend buying your boots online because the inserts limit the amount of space for your feet inside the boot. You may have to buy one size bigger. Better to try them on before buying. I spent £130 on a pair of Sendra USA cowboy boots, reduced in a sale down from £299 (about $500). But you don’t need to pay that much obviously.

Here is a selection of shoes/boots which work with the inserts:

1. High-top sk8er boot shoes – Approx 3″inches gain



^^ I have a pair of Element for casual daygame or hanging out. Make sure they are high quality skater shoes with a thick sole. I do not recommend Converse-style boot shoes because the soles are much flatter and you won’t gain more than 2″inches.

2. High top business shoes / loafers – Approx 3.5″inches gain 



^^ I wear these at work or for formal business occasions. Make sure your trousers are long enough to cover your ankles to make them look like normal shoes.

3. Cowboy ankle boots with big heels: – Approx 4-5″inches gain 




^^I wear these on stage and also when I go out to rock clubs or concerts. Do not wear these if you are an energetic dancer, unless you are extremely good at walking in heels.

Practise walking around in these before you go out wearing them. Your calf muscles are gonna get really muscular if you wear them every day (win-win!:lol:). I fell over 3x times on the dancefloor the first night I tried the inserts in my cowboy boots! Still got laid though,…. Must’ve been a “sympathy fuck” :wink:

^^ The idea is you are adding to your height “twice”.

The inserts are 2″inches + the heels on your boots are between 1″ and 3″inches = Women notice you more.

It’s not a placebo, it’s not just psychological, I actually get more girls opening ME since I started the inserts + boots combination.

The girl finds out anyway when you get her home, but by that time your emotional bond with her means she doesn’t care. The point of increasing your height is to get your “foot in the door”, if you’ll excuse the pun. They say a girl judges you in the first 10 seconds of meeting you. Some bitches even say “I don’t talk to guys less than 6’ft” then get very confused in the morning when they find they are taller than me :wink:

Most girls don’t even notice when you take them off because by that time they’ve taken their own heels off :wink:


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