How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone (Emotional Tampon)

friendzoneI am gonna start this post by saying that guys that are good with women do not get friend zone.  The reason is because they screen right, they do not waste time with girls that do not welcome advances (they cut them lose fast), they are not needy, they are attractive, they are sexual, AND THEY ESCALATE. A good seducers is always the one that friend zone women, at least that is my experience. Ok, now that we explained some of the reasons good seducers don’t get friend zone. Lets’ address ways to get out of the friend zone:

Step 1.- Accept you will never be with her. The beauty of this technique is that it will make you be not OUTCOME DEPENDENT; Therefore, you will behave normal. In other words, who you were interacting with her was an invested and needy version of you that is not attractive. By accepting is over, you can display the normal version of you. Then, go out and get other women.

Step 2.- Start hitting and seducing her friends(specially her best friend). Women love competition, and have a group type mentality. By hitting and picking up her friends (it got a be real, in other words do not let her know you are bluffing), she will get jealous as fuck and want your attention back.

Step 3.- Check out and pick up other women in her presence. Example, wholly shit! she got a fat ass, i am fucking getting hard looking at her.

Step 4.- As you are talking to her, tell her about girls you are seeing and fucking WITHOUT BRAGGING, just as casual conversation.

Step 5.- Take a break and come back, a different dude that now has attractive qualities ( non needy, abundance mentality, women in your life, better shape, dressing better etc…) and start all over again from 0.

Step 6.- If none of that shit works, dump her ass. Don’t waste your time stuck in that one girl, as i keep repeating time is the most important tool in seduction. GET OTHER WOMEN!


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