Sexual Funny “The Grand Master Style”

howard sternI found out about a dude called Grand Master Flash by reading the faq of Gunwitch method about 1 to 2 years ago, Grand Master Flash lines suck in my opinion, but his underlying philosophy is what i strongly believe in, and I do and have been doing in my game for years specially in my text and online game. This works for me very well since it matches my personality, but I discover this 15 years ago when i heard a broadcaster by the name of Howard Stern. I am naturally funny, and i like to fuck with people, but I started incorporating sexual humor into my game after listening to Howard, and it has worked so well for me that my results skyrocket. However, you can still use it if you are not a funny person. For example there is a Guru by the name of Teevester and my friend Sexaddict911 that follow the underlying principle and that is to bombard women with sexual messages, so they can associate you with sex and see you as a lover that can please them like no other.

Contributed to ASF by Nathan Szilard, this is the description of the technique used by a PUA acquaintance of his nick-named Grand Master Flash’s. Hence the name GM technique. The key here is smutty sex jokes and continuous humorous sex-talk with keen attention to how the girl reacts, so as to forestall any negative reactions (and you can be sure, there will be plenty in the beginning!:) by saying “just kidding”, giving an “apologetic” hug to the girl etc. The reasoning here is this, that if the girl has no chance to express her negative comments about sex-jokes and -comments, this translates in her subconsciousness to agreeing and accepting what is being said. The defences will eventually go down, she has to imagine all the sex-jokes in her mind in order to understand them, and although she might be disgusted or repelled about them in the first place, she won’t be able to express her negativism, her mind is bombarded with more sexual references, she just keeps imagining and before she knows it, nature kicks in and… she’s getting horny:) Simple:) But potentially dangerous as hell – you really need to be in your element with all the sex jokes and keep “just kidding” in time not to get slapped in the beginning etc. otherwise you could fail miserably:) Nathan Szilard on GM Flash and his technique, ASF: “That’s his aggressive style. Basically he told them he wanted to fuck from the beginning. He had the attitude that he could satisfy them sexually. He had the confidence that says he does this all the time. He was in their face. He was making them excited. He was stimulating them like they are not USED TO being stimulated. If they were going to resist, they would have resisted when he first told them what he wanted from them. There is the INCORRECT assumption that chicks don’t like DICK! They love it and they want it! The problem is they want it from the guys they want it from. All he has to do is offer them the SECOND best thing… sexual satisfaction as opposed to sex with a man they WANT! He doesn’t even have to satisfy them:) It’s too late by the time he’s fucking them! All he has to do is make them BELIEVE that if they get with him he is going to fuck them WELL! They couldn’t resist because at some point they became HORNY and wanted that RELEASE!”

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