The 3 Types of women

girls-at-clubIf you read the modern seduction books for example models, 60yoc, Aaron Sleazy, Mode one, my book etc… You will hear a lot about screening and the 3 types of women, the reason i bring this up is that dudes pm me or ask me questions on what to do with women that are already interested,more on this later, this is basic info. that most seducers know but i will bring it up again cause it seems that is not that obvious to many of you, and i notice guys use the wrong strategy with many of them, so they fuck it up…so here we go:

Interested, receptive, green light, buyer: these girls are attracted to you, and want you. You do not need to be gimmicky or to impress them or any of that crap. All you need to do is in text, facebook, chat(set up a meet asap), in person(escalate). So the strategy here is not to game them they like you already, the strategy is to close them while they are hot and not fuck it up. My analogy, buyer i came here to buy a Mercedes and i want to pay cash for it were do i sign…. Salesman: Listen let me show you the features, and these are the reasons why you need to buy it, lets go and test drive it blah blah blah blah blah blah…. Ends up killing the sale… I sale for living so i have seen this happening multiple times. All he had to do is take out the order and say excellent decision, lets start the paperwork so you can start enjoying your car asap. This will be about 10% of the female population. So out of 100 girls, 10 of them. This women will laugh at your stupid ass jokes, flirt, do sex talk, reciprocate your escalation, ask questions about yourself, give you their number, request you on facebook, give you the look, give you open body language, blush, try to get your attention, cock-block other women, look away right away when they see you, follow you around, find excuses to bump into you, give you proximity, qualify themselves etc….. She is a bit more invested in you than you are in her, good situation to be in, your job is not to fuck it up, simple, and escalate fast and take things sexual. Lately, in my personal game i only deal with these girls, since i am were i want to be when it comes to women, so if you have an abundance of other women, these are the ones you want to look for.(advance level)

Neutral women: These girls may be attracted to you or not, but she is on the fence, she is less tipically invested in you than you are in her, she needs more information. With these women the goal is not to play it safe but to force/push/polarize her to either be no interested, red, unreceptive, or to be receptive, green light, buyer. The best way to do this in my opinion is by escalating, not being needy, displaying attractive qualities, and a bit of physical persistence. This is why i get into fights with dudes that say there is not text game etc… Here you can not really push for a met up right away, since she is not really ready at this point…. What you do not want to do here, is be fake, and gimmicky that shit don’t work. And definitely you do not want to play it safe “to get a girl you must be willing to lose a girl”, signs: She does not chase, she gives you neutral body language, you escalate she does not reciprocate but does not move away etc… With time and experience you will get a feel for them, this is were seduction comes into play. This will be about 40% of the female population. In sells for example i don’t have enough money to buy this mercedes? sells dude: i can appreciate that do me a favor and put your money, away, now have you considered the fact that mercedes require the least maintenance, and last 20 more years than a toyota or a nissan, when you take that into acct. you are getting a mercedes for the price of the nissan, also we got great financing which makes it affordable for your budget, if we do biz today how much would be willing to invest for this unbelievable piece of machinery?

Not interested, red, no receptive: These women are a freaking waste of time, they usually have a bf, or like somebody else, or you are not their type, or they don’t like your personality and style, or they were neutral and now they are not interested(happens to a lot of you do to your neediness and weak ass game). These women will put you in the “friendzone” or in my new concept “a nothing(not a friend, not a buddy a 0)”. These girls are possible to convert(my current gf went from neutral to not interested due to my neediness with her), but the amount of effort and work is not worth it. These girls will tell you they have a boyfriend, walk away, be flaky as fuck, talk to you about other dudes they like, get annoyed by you, tell you to fuck your self, give you fake numbers, try to go the other way when they see you, treat you rude etc… These girls are a huge waste of time(but skills, you said your gf, was in this category, are you being a hypocrite? no, cause i stop wasting my time with her, and got other women, then she came back to me as interested)…. example: client: i do not have money, i work in macdonalds at 7 an hour there is no way i can afford this vehicle. This is about 50% of women

Time is the most important thing when it comes to seduction, your time is valuable. Cause if you are wasting to much time and investment in an unreceptive, not interested women, is time that you can be wasting in a interested, or neutral, not to mention it makes you needy as fuck. So you will be asking a million question on what to do with that particular girl, when the only answer is, GET OTHER WOMEN.

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