The importance of being sexual

being sexualWhat do most guys that are good with women have in common, they are sexual, by being sexual you will never fall into the friendzone, and you will not waste time that you could be wasting with a girl that reciprocates… Yesterday I saw a video of a friend that is good, opens good, rapport good, and all that other stuff, but he does not close cause he is so scare of escalating, getting physical, being sexual, that he just rambles on and on and on and never shuts the fuck up. So his success and his lay ratio is probably very low, while his effort is really high. Some other guys go on dates for 4 hours or more, and do not fuck the girl, then the girl becomes flaky… Here is what is happening they get with the girl and in their mind “oh shit everything is going so good, and she is enjoying my company, i do not want to fuck it up by showing that i am a MAN and getting physical” that is the wrong mindset to have… If you notice the community put a high emphasis on getting laid, the reason is that if you fuck a girl, that is the best way to get the girl invested and possible the best way to land a relationship. The mindset of an afc and a chode, is she is not that type of girl(she is a classy girl, she is different), so let me get to know her first, and be sexual last. That is a Disney movie bullshit. All girls are sexual but they need to play the society Disney role of covering it up, so they will not be label a slut which is seen negative by society(a bunch of bullshit). Now when you are sexual you need to calibrate what you are doing so you do not come across like a pervert. So lets take a look at different seducers and how they are sexual:



Stebe Jabba( honesty, authentic, sexual)
Tva_oslo also goes by Teevester (philosophical, intellectual reasoning sexual)
Sexaddict911 (chivalrous/gentlemen sexual)
Warped mindless(sexual inuendos/shocke and awe)
Me dance floor sexual and trolling/humor sexual/grandmaster style
Aaron sleazy (aggressive escalation sexual)
60 yoc (silence, risk creepy sexual)
Gunwitch (pushy persistence to the limit sexual)
Rsd (a combination of all of the above kind of)

If you do not learn how to escalate and be sexual, it will take you 10 times the time of someone that is sexual to get decent results…. Focus on being sexual put yourself out of your comfort zone, be sexual. If you are training or following a method, or listening to advise of the so call “Gurus” and they are not putting and emphasis on escalating and being sexual, run Forest run, run fast the other way. So when is the best time that is good to get physical and escalate, the sooner, the easier and the better…

Edit.- You can escalate the sexual vibe physically/verbally even in writing (text/online).

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