Club myths and misunderstanding: Are women in clubs/bars trash and low quality

club girlsAt least once or twice a month I have to get into arguments with people that mistakenly think the stereotype that women in clubs/bars/parties are any lesser than any other women, not girlfriend material, trash etc… Lets’ illustrate with couple of examples, from actual guys that are players and should know better:

This is by a seducer name Qlue:

Clubs/bars do attract bitches, which are only good for ONS’s/fbs.. I find I meet sweet and dream girls in day game the most, these girls I learn a lot from. HBNorweigian who I met in 2012 was 9/10 in looks, and 10/10 in personality, my dream girl, she taught me a lot about life in the short time I was with her. I learned a lot more from her in one day, than other girls who I went on dates with for weeks or months. This is why I’m in the game, to learn how to get women, so when the gems and rare quality women come by, I can appreciate them. You have to sort through a lot of crappy women though to find 1 good one.

It comes down to quality. The environment attracts certain qualities of people.

This is by a seducer called Chitownmaverick:

I have never dated, and will never date, bar/club trash.
I meet you in a bar or club, you are FB only if we even make it to a second fuck.

The women I’ve ended up actually dating as more than a FB–

1. met at a hostel
2. met in an elevator
3. met in class
4. met at work
5. met in a community
6. met during a photoshoot

And I don’t have a single negative thing to say about any of those women. Some I saw for a few months, some on and off for years.

By way of comparison, the girls I’ve pulled from bars, parties and clubs tended to be insane and/or addicts and/or untrustworthy human beings. And those were things I noticed inĀ one or two meetings.

Choose women wisely.



Now, if you have gone clubbing for years and STILL DO, you would immediately realized that this is the equivalent of saying the earth is flat. First, lets start by saying that I have done SUCCESSFULLY, all types of games from social circle game, online game, day game, night game (street pick up) which I still do after clubs, club game etc… Now I will tell you the difference between women from doing those types of games vs. club game. The difference is absolutely NOTHING! when it comes to character and personality other than club women are more distracted and more guarded at the clubs (higher level of bitch shield).

The same women that you meet at church, or at work, or in your community or _____________ (fill in the black the place) as well as teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses or ______________ (fill in the blank the profession), will go at one point or another to a club, party, bar etc… EVEN IF THEY HATE IT. Typical example is her friends that drag her out, or an event such as a birtday, graduation, celebration, bachelorette party etc….

Now, women go through stages in life like the party stages and the cock carousel stage (15-24 where they just want to fuck a lot of different cool guys). But even this women if they like you they will just be like any other girl you met at church.

Then there are the club regulars, but again even those girls just like the cock carousel and the party girls if they are with the RIGHT GUY, cool alpha sexy with his shit together will be as cool and/or better than a church girl. Of course, there are exceptions like the coke heads, alcoholic, co-dependant psychos, but that is why screening exists.

Now if you do not have a lot of experience with women, you are not high value, you got no masculine behavior and you hook up with a regular club girl, then she will eat you alive and when you are making out with her you are probably getting a taste of my cum from the night before. Get me?

Finally, when I go to a club I look for women that do not look like the club type or that barely go to clubs, I recommend you do the same. With experience you will get a feel to identify and pick up those women, specially if you follow the advice I give in seduction. However, it does not really matter, if you like a girl and she goes to clubs as long as she makes you happy, meet your standards and you want to be with her, that is all that matters.

Anyway, I hope a lot of you guys get this shit already and stop talking none sense.



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