How to deal with women tests aka shit tests!

shit testFirst, what is a shit test?

shit test is something that girls do (usually more so when you first meet them) to see whether you’re man enough for them. I mean to see whether you are the “man” for her or you’re going to crumble like a little bitch.

Before I go into how to deal with women shit tests the right way, I want to make a huge clarification. The community over exaggerate shit tests, the reason is most dudes in the community used to follow and still follow the Mystery method or/and some type of variation from it. In the Mystery Method from what I have read, involves as part of the seduction pre-fabricated stories designed to make you look good to the women you are seducing. But, for example a nerdy dude saying ” I used to date  strippers” as part of routine or story, out of the blue, will make women test for congruence. I highly recommend you guys read one of my favorite articles on shit tests, by Mark Manson.

In my experience a lot of dudes confuse shit tests with no interest, a girl for example saying “I have a boyfriend” or “I have to go to the bathroom”, or “she is my girlfriend we are lesbians” means she is not interested, to come out with witty comebacks is a huge waste of time, that can be better spent on another girl/s.

Most of the dudes in the community confuse simple women spontaneous flirting with “shit tests” for example when women say “you won’t be able to handle a girl like me”, she is clearly interested if she is saying something like that, trust me, she will not be saying that to the homeless dude in the corner with half of his teeth messing.

Now the real shit test comes when you have a girlfriend and/or dating(more intimacy). Women will try to see where the boyfriend or dude she is dating boundaries are, and how much she can push for her “agenda”, including increasing relationship status from friends with benefits to girlfriend, girlfriend to wife, kids, finances, favors etc…

For example the girlfriend of a lawyer friend of mine was telling him about her struggles with the car, and how much she wished to have good credit to buy a nice car, and how she was short in the down payment… At different points in the relationship she would give smooth transitions or variation of that “agenda”. She was also bringing up stories of what exes would do for her, and stories of her female friends from Facebook ” my friend Jenny just got for valentines a car”. Of course since my lawyer friend with time gave in lending her credit and down payment(huge mistake I warned him about this numerous times), what he did indirectly is to teach her how she can get away with stuff, and he is softening his manly power in the relationship. I get a call at least once a month by him asking me for advice, he usually tells me that he is depress cause of the way she treats him…  I talked to him and gave him examples on how to establish boundaries and be polarizing as I clearly explain in the polarity theory post, so you guys get an idea of the right way to handle these types of situation.

But back to the original goal of the post, shit tests, here are the way I handle the OCCASIONAL to RARE shit tests from women that are somewhat interested or interested:

  • Mirroring: You throw back to the girl whatever she is throwing at you with voice inflection and intonation. Credit the Guru by the name of Good Looking Loser.


Girl: ” are you are player?”

Me: “are you a player?”. Again make sure you go up and down the tonality.

  • Amplification: What ever she throws at you, take her side an exaggerate to ridiculous proportions.


Girl: “you won’t be able to handle me”

Me: of course not, my 2 incher (for those of you too slow to understand i am talking about dick size) is always betraying me in critical moments. One time I had a virgin that told me “you are the worst lover i ever had and i had no one to compare you with”.

  • Agreement.


girl:”are you gay?”

Me: Yes! how did you know? my boyfriend looking at us i want to make him jealous…

girl: where is he?

me: (Is the guys at the bar with the long sleeve shirt)

girl: oh

me: lets make him jealous.———> here i would make out.

  • Ignore.

girlfriend: I want you to stop going out to clubs, you go to clubs to pick up women and i know it.

me: ok! as I proceed to go to the club.

  • The Seinfeld technique (my invention) . In the Seinfeld technique someone will shit test you, and you will answer with something totally ridiculous.

I used this with women a lot but I also use it in forums with the trolls, haters or people that don’t like me. By the way, all this shit tests works on all type of situations.

Youtube channel hater: “This show makes me sick to my stomach: it’s encouraging the human race to de-evolve back into apes… FUCK ALPHA MALES!”

me: I rather focus on fucking women… But good for you, on your choice in males!

^ All of the above example and stories are factual situation and stories of real life events. Hope it helps… Out!


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