Introduction to fixer upper game “how to create your own hottie”

before and afterI come form a real estate background. In real estate what we do is we find a house with tons of potential, no matter the condition, we invest a little money in for some repairs, and then we flip it and sell it for huge profits.

So wtf does that has anything to do with seduction. As most players know getting a real hottie aka a hot babe 10 in community terminology and or top 1% of women, represent many problems:

1.- Most of them are taken.

2.- There is too much competition. In a lot of cases with guys that are very good looking, have game, have status, have  money, or all of the above.

3.-  They have an army of cockblockers around them, this include orbiters, white knights, social circle and female friends.

4.- They have a delusional sense of reality, in other words, a lot of them have been spoil since a very young age due to their looks.

5.- Following reason number 4 a lot of them are very picky, demanding and drama.

The above are generalizations, there are exceptions and there are very hot women that are very nice, humble etc… I am talking about MOST, not all, so lets’ make sure that we do not put every hot women in one box, but generally most of them specially in a club environment fit somewhat the 5 points I have made.

So after being with hot women and sleeping with them, I realize that is all a mental fuck, they are not that difference than an average to above average girl, in other words they have a vagina, an ass, and a set of tits.

That is when I decided to apply what I do in business to women, and experimented with what I call “fixer upper game” and it has worked for me wonderfully 🙂 . I talk about fixer upper game in couple of my videos and in my “How to get a girlfriend post“. But I never really explained it in detail.

What is ideal from YOUR part to do fixer upper game:

1.- You need to be above average in seduction.

2.- The girl needs to be somewhat a bit more invested in you.

3.- This ties in with number 2 and is an obvious point, but I will make it anyways, you have FUCKED the girl.

4.- Another obvious point and ties in with points 2 and 3, is your neediness is in check.

5.- Your fitness, self-development, nutrition, career goals, accomplishment are present AND/OR were present at some point in your life journey AND/OR is on the way. THIS POINT IS CRUCIAL due to CREDIBILITY.  Example you cannot be a fat fuck with 40% body fat teaching a girl eating right and working out, get me?.

What is ideal from her part to do fixer upper game:

1.- In my experience this has worked better for me with an above average girl, or a girl that you can see some potential. In my personal experience the girls I have done this with were my personal 8(on a 1 to 10 scale). But i don’t doubt this can be done even with a 6. Remember guys what Coco channel accurately states: ” There are no ugly women only lazy ones”.

2.- She is invested in you and likes you either equally or a bit more.

3.- No social circle or very small social circle. This condition is not really necessary but I find it better when there are not many conflicting voices.

4.- Very independent or somewhat independent type.

5.- Six months to a year after a recent  break up works well in my experience. I think after a break up women go through a bit of a cock carousel stage (get a lot of dicks for a while then they want a change and go back to a monogamous type relationship).

However to be honest only 1 and 2 is what is required the 3-5 is a plus, but not required.

How to implement fixer upper game:

So now we get to the important part. So the girl is invested in you, you let her into your lifestyle which is a typically the lifestyle of most community dudes, which is into reading, fitness, self development etc… In other words you talk the talk but you walk the walk.  You do not have to have a 6 pack, but she can see week by week changes in the way you dress, look etc…

She will eventually ask you for guidance, so you give her good advice(which is all the shit that is field tested 100 times by different gurus and or books). So you give her bits and pieces of advice. As she follow some of the advice and see for herself it works (evidence). You will establish credibility and she will seek more advice. Little by little she will see you as a GURU and/or teacher.

Once you reach the Guru/teacher window of opportunity is time to exploit it.  So now you are teaching her about nutrition (macros), and you give her a workout routine or book(beach body the creators of p90x have awesome programs like insanity in my experience they do the job fairly well).  As she sees changes she will get more hooked and seek more of your wisdom. The beauty about all of this is that as she is becoming hotter she is getting more addicted and more attached to you, since you are a leader, you are improving her life, she feels she owes you and you have changed her life for the better . Now, you and her go to the mall you teach her that every time she gets paid she should reward herself: by buying a new outfit (in some cases as I go shopping for clothes I make it a date, and have them come along and say try this “i think this would look so good on you”) as they try it i sometimes buy it, or have them buy it themselves (if is more than $20 i don’t buy it).

You teach them red pill/secret society/social dynamics/fashion/fitness (most of my girls read my blog for example).

You help them with their hair and color. One of my girls hair was horrible, I identify her head shape as we were out one day I saw a girl with a hot haircut that would look good on her and i told her “that really would look good on you” , I approached the other girl and I complemented her haircut and ask “who is your hairdresser and what is the name and color of your haircut” , she gave me the info. and I went with her to get the haircut a week later.

Very important point is to come across as a positive motivator INSTEAD of a nasty dictator that makes them feel they are not good enough. I took one time a 8 to a 10 but I fucked  up by coming across too demanding. I made her stop smoking, workout, dress different, new hair style, new job,new social skills, she looked hot as hell, dressed amazing, but at the end she ended up resenting me and we broke up.

Since then, I have perfected fixer upper game and when they do not follow my advice I do not verbalize it but stay quiet and act a bit disappointed.  They get the point after couple of times, they usually make the change themselves.

Fixer upper game works well if you are a seduction coach, the reasoning is that is the same concept and steps that we do with paying clients, the different is you get your payment in the form of sex and investment instead of validation and cash.

Usually you can do the drastic change in as little as 6 months to a year, depending on the girl, my average is less than 3 months.

Finally, with fixer upper game you get all of the pros of a super hot girl, without all the negatives=profit. Out!




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