The right way to do cocky/funny

HowardBethA lot of people believe cocky/funny does not work, the problem is that a lot of people don’t do it correctly and are not congruent with cocky/funny. As i said numerous times cocky/funny combine with sexual, self deprecation and trolling works. I did a post on why here.

David D’ in his book “Double your Dating” had the right idea (the psychology part, funny that David D is not cocky or funny), the problem i see from what i have notice in the community is that the timing and calibration is really wrong. Or they are too cocky and not funny which comes across as a creepy, arrogant, dutchy. And then, there are dudes that are not congruent with the cocky/funny, self-amusement persona. You can not fake shit, is either your type of personality or is not.

Moreover, you have to combine, cocky, funny, sexual self-deprecation, and normal talk, a bit of everything… And when you go Cocky it should be kind of ridiculous (i will provide couple of sample videos which i would advise to watch if you want to know how to do it right). I learned about 15 years ago from “Howard Stern”, he is my true pick up mentor, other than Cesar and number 1 (my natural friends). Since i never knew about the community.

About Howard Stern, the dude is cocky, funny, sexual, self-deprecation, trolling, interesting, bit of asshole, self-amusement and a master manipulator. But, more importantly is his ability to turn women on and open up SEXUALLY which in turn that arousal causes attraction, sounds like me (for those of you who know me). Anyways, why Howard? The dude is one of the ugliest dudes I have ever seen in my life, but he turns women on a lot and a lot of women want to fuck him. A sample of some of those women Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and many many many more. Disclaimer: You may come at me with, he is rich and has status, but remember those girls are in the same plain field with other guys “that are rich, have status and are way better looking than Howard”.

Again, make game adapt to you and your personality and not the other way around (dj z). I will name drop known popular people with this persona: Howard Stern, Sinn, most of rsd dudes, The Hodge Twins, Barack Obama, zyzz, Gene Simmons.

Here is a perfect display of cocky/funny:

Here is how is used to in seduction


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