What is the right person/method/guru to follow when it comes to seduction!

methodMy advise will sound controversial, but I will give you my honest take on this. If I were to pick someone to follow this is what I would look for:

1.- Does most of what he says MATCHES or is SIMILAR to my field/reference experiences.

2.- Does it make sense to me base on my field/reference experiences.

3.- Does what he recommends is congruent with me and my personality.

4.- Is what he says consistent or is he changing his mind and style every 2 seconds.

5.- Does his experience/niche is mostly in the type of game i enjoy (online game, day game, night game, dance floor game, social circle, college game).

That is it, notice that I did not say lay count, reputation in the community, popularity, hotness of the girls he gets, if he is a keyboard Jokey or not. My emphasis was on FIELD/REFERENCES experience.

After having 10-15 years of field/references experiences and having sex with a bunch of women, multiple girlfriends and all that good stuff. I meet what I am gonna call a game changer, kind of like the community call onitis (obsession with one girl that you have not fuck, though I did fuck her, so it was more like neediness).

I knew I was falling into the friendzone and emotional tampon.  I also knew the mistakes I was making with the game changer, so I took the same steps I recommended here  from my own intuition ( I had no community knowledge, I had no idea of  concepts like go out and fuck 10 other girls).

While I told to myself I fucked it up time to move on and get other women, I got spam by David D. “Double your dating” 10 biggest mistakes you are making with women. I was like shit! that matches MY FIELD EXPERIENCES.

So to make the long story short I bought the book. Read it and again, IT MATCHED MY FIELD EXPERIENCES, since I have always been a self amused, cocky dude. But the most important thing I got out of the book was the psychology and reasoning of what i was doing naturally worked for me, the lines and implementation of the book was kind of weak.

The game changer contacted me, and I got back to my fundamentals and basics that I neglected cause I was so much into her. Gamed her, 6 years later, we are still together she is madly in love ( I was not really her type according to her). While I was with her I was with another 4 lovely ladies btw.

So skills wtf is your point? People say about David D.:

* He is a good Biz man, not a good seducer.

* He is a Scam

* His Wife is Ugly as fuck, looks like a tranny.

* He was never good at seduction.

What the fuck do I give a fuck about all of the above again my only criteria was, does it make sense to me and matches my field/references experiences.

I am not done yet, lets talk about my freaking confusion when I joined the community (couple of my first posts, retarded and embarrassing).

I was lost and I was asking questions like Is this a good opener, what is the right way to deal with a girl that says i look like Vin Diesel? etc… Actually last night I went to couple of my first posts, I was like “facepalm”. See what was happening is that I read “The Game” and though it was not congruent with me, my personality and my field experiences. I thought that all along what I was doing successfully as a natural was WRONG. So I was trying to change myself (it never happened, since I was like fuck this, so I never tried it). I was gonna quit the forums, till accidentally I saw couple of posts by a poster name “Warped Mindless”. The dude was writing shit and i was like “oh shit that is what I do, that is me”, I realized that the fast seduction style I naturally was doing with heavy emphasis on screening, escalation and no wasting time was right. However, they were saying he was a keyboard jockey, but I did not care, again my criteria was does what he writes  matches my field experience or it does not. Then he introduce me to other like minded seducers like 60 yoc, Jeff RSD, Gunwitch,Mark Manson, Teevester  (which in turn told me about Aaron Sleazy).  Most of them matched some or most of my field references experiences.

Notice how every other sentence I keep saying field references experiences.  Field and references experience should be your focus or priority no reading and wasting time on forums trying to follow a method or poster. So now the 100 million dollar question, who is the right person or method to follow? YOUR OWN BASED ON YOUR FIELD/REFERENCES EXPERIENCES.



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  • vin says:

    Everything you’re saying resonates with me. I’ve heard others bash David D but when I look back at my successes and failures they’ve all matched up with his ideas. Do you feel his is a complete system? What ‘method’ would you say you follow now? I ask this because I’m getting back into it after a while away – and I don’t want to dick around with endless reading or exploring various gurus anymore. I want to pick one system and stick with it till I’m getting consistent results again.

    • Skills says:

      I think david d double your dating, is good for the fundamentals, specially if you have a cocky/funny persona, i had that personality all my life. The 2 main books i recommend is models by Mark Manson, and 60 yoc. Most of the books i recommend are congruent with each other, since most dudes that get laid pretty much do the same thing. Finally, one of the most important skills that is not seen in book is understanding, forcing and spotting approach invites from women/body language. I do cover some of that but just a bit in my book, google iluminatus overextensions.

  • bhupinder says:

    buddy I do respect ur coloumn but I request you to take that picture of our guru ….for you it may be a random picture but for us he is a god …so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz take it off…

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