Best Text Game system(sexting)

 Texting/chatting/emailing, is a very important element in seduction, specially for screening and efficiency…. unfortunately just like dancefloor game, most gurus do not address it, and as always the community(at least they get shit wrong consistently) do it wrong… Just like dancefloor game/ text game is very important in my game… You have to play to your strengths, and get around your weaknesses ( in my case a heavy latin accent)… So as you can tell text game is an integral part of my game and success with women… But enough about me lets talk about the advantages of texting/chat email etc… Interested women will put you in to 3 categories: a future boyfriend, a fuck buddy, or a friend… You want to be the fuck buddy(and then if you or her decide to have a relationship is easier to walk backwards into a relationship), When you text/chat/email, back and forth women will feel like you know each other for a long time kind of, women love letters, poems all that type of crap, so writing has an emotional component(that is my opinion), also she is getting invested, you can text multiple women and maintain multiple relationships at the same time, a key to texting is google voice(take the time and research it), so i text from my computer, texting from the phone is crazy, and is not efficient, plus texting from a computer will help you look not needy vs texting from a phone(since will take you way longer to reply), i never ever text from my phone, unless is in front of her house… The goal of texting is NOT TO ARRANGE A MEETING, the goal of texting is to ARRENGE A SEXUAL ENCOUNTER… Now i will let the sexaddict911 explain shit better:
I use text game as a very important part of my game and each individual seduction. I use it as a tool to gauge my potential target sexually, to open her up and to gauge where she stands as far as her sexual prowess as well as sexual interest towards me.My theory behind this is women will open up much easier through this form of communication, they don’t have to worry about their physiological response like they would in person if you asked a bold sexual question ( blushing, head tilting, overwhelming flushing, etc etc) They have time to respond, and can think before they react. In my experience an overall more comfortable setting for the woman to be open in general.90% of the women i successfully seduce,( past several years) have completely opened up to me sexually via text. It has made my seductions so much easier.
I know where they stand sexually and can plan my seduction accordingly.A majority of the women that open up sexually will easily commit and send racey photo’s of themselves as well. I can’t even count how many times this has happened. My cell phone is jammed with photo’s of women in their nighties, langerie, etc etc.My theory behind Sexting, is that it allows me to gauge her sexual interest as well as establish sexual tension before we ever meet up. This in turn creates sexual association. She associates me with sex, so when she does come to hang out with me, sex or sexual contact is implied. And because women are emotion based, they tend to live in their minds, getting to them aroused through this form of communication allows the woman to create her own vision of the two of you being sexual. Even if it doesn’t turn out how she envisioned it, the fact of the matter is that she did envision it, and getting in her head is half the battle.Here’s the thing though, the girls that don’t open up, or are extremely hesitant become back shelf, in other words, if they don’t open up to me the way I want them too, I generally will not even bother hanging out with them.



A good way to do this the easy way is asking women for pics, after you get the pics, sexually escalate through text, shows confidence, boldness and that you are different… What i usually say is that i busted to the pics, as you can see in my post of the grandmaster style (the psychology behind it)


Here is the sexaddict911 example with explanation:


Sexting escalation like any form of seduction has a process. cold-warm-hot. Where you start in the process will depend on how much attraction, comfort and rapport was built from the previous encounter.With any seduction, you must warm up the target, this must be done via text as well. Since you know there is already the attraction, after a few opening texts ( to see if she’s busy, to set some comfort, make her laugh) You can start right into the sexual banter. A great opener for “sexting” Is to tell her you had a dream about her, just now or recently.

If you have no clue at all about the woman”s sexuality, you can keep the dream PG-13. This is a great way to basically use shock and awe without having to worry if you offend her, as it was from your unconscious mind and a dream, you have no control over it.

I will often start this process with a kissing scene. I will be extremely detailed and offer her the power position.

Here is a conversation i had recently, with a girl I didn’t spend much time on, but secured the digits. ( she was kind of shy, I couldn’t read her sexuality the first night)

ME: What’s up butter cup? It’s X from the other night.
HER: Oh hey hun, how are you?
ME: Great, I’ve been looking forward to talking to you.
HER: Oh ya? why so?
ME: well you made a good impression on me that night.
HER: I did huh? I guess that’s a good thing right?
ME: Indeed, in fact you managed to penetrate my dream as well.
HER: Really? How? what do you mean?
ME: Ok i’ll tell you but is was pretty intense and vivid.
Her: Hmmm do I even want to know?
( I did not reply, waited for a few minutes)
HER: tell me the dream silly.
ME: Ok! since we are obviously gonna hang out (said this even though no plans yet)
HER: Oh wow! you’re pretty sure of yourself eh?
ME: Its not so much I am sure of myself, rather I am sure of the chemistry I felt with you. I’m pretty sure you felt it too.
HER: hahaha! I’ll never tell Tell me the dream.
ME: OK OK. Well we made plans for you to come over to my house, I had just started making dinner. I am pretty sure it was pasta. That part is kinda blurry, anyways. You knocked on the door, I opened it, you were wearing this sexy black dress(note: all women have a sexy black dress) with your hair down, you looked amazing.
Without a word being said, you immediately kissed me, it was a very passionate kiss, I immediately put my arms around you and kissed you back, it was so intense and passion filled, then you kinda jumped/me picking you up, and wrapped your legs around me, then I pushed you up against the wall, I could literally hear you begin to moan it was hot as HELL. Then I woke up.

( waited for about 4 minutes for a reply)

HER: Wow! that does sound pretty intense.
ME: You have no idea, it felt so real.
HER: Do you dream like that a lot.
Me: No, i never dream like that. That’s what made it so intense.
HER: hmmmm, maybe I am just that good. lol
ME: That has yet to be determined.
HER: Oh really? lol.
ME: Have you ever done anything like that?
HER: Can’t say I have, but it does seem kinda hot.
ME: You don’t consider yourself to be spontaneous or sexual enough?
HER: It’s not that, I just never really had the chances. I was with the same guy for 7 years. Since I was 20.
ME: Oh yeah that’s right. You have some catching up to do.
HER: What do you mean?
ME: Well that night you mentioned how boring the last few years of your relationship was, it’s time for some fun.
HER: You are definitely right on that one, but I really don’t even know how? lol.
ME: No worries, I am enough fun for the both of us
HER: Really eh? How so?
Me: On a scale of 1-10, how spontaneous are you and how spontaneous do you want to be?
HER: 3 and 10
Me: wow! that’s quite a difference. But I like your ambition.
HER: hahaha! thanks, I think. :s
ME: OK since you have a desire to become more spontaneous, I am issuing you a challenge. Meet me tomorrow night, at my place.
HER: I think I can manage that.
ME: I’m not done, hehe.
HER: ummmmm ok?
ME: Since it’s so rare for me to have a dream like that, I want you to make it come true. And kiss me the moment I open the door.
( waited about 6 minutes)
HER: Wow! That’s kinda hot, but I’m shy.
ME: Nonsense, you are a 27 year old woman that has been neglected of passion the last 7 years or so. It’s time to embrace the woman inside and step up.
HER: Hahaha, you’re such a smooth talker.
ME: OK I have another question?
HER: sure.
ME: Where is your favorite place to be kissed.
HER: My neck
ME: Nice! I’d also probably kiss the back of your shoulder as I have you pressed up against and facing the wall, while holding your hands down.
HER: Oh my!
ME: Did you just visualize that?
HER: Yes I did!
ME: Me too! a long with some different stuff.
HER: Different stuff eh? Do tell?
ME: I’d much rather show you besides, since your imagination is already warmed up, I am sure you can do some visualizing yourself.
HER: What makes you think I haven’t already.
ME: You better be. lol.
ME: I gotta get some sleep, So we will meet up tommorow evening?
HER: Yes, i’ll text you on my lunch so we can make the plans.
ME: OK sounds good, don’t forget about my dream.
HER: How could I forget that, not sure if I can be that forward though.
ME: sleep on it, you never know what you are capable of unless you try.
HER: we’ll see….hehehe
ME: If I have to I will just take control and make the dream a reality.
HER: wow! I’d like that.
ME: Sweet dreams sexy.
HER: Nite nite xoxo.

This may seem like a long conversation but it really only lasted a few hours and was spread out.

Next day (her lunch break)

HER: Hey you! I really enjoyed our chat last night, I actually visualized a lot after we were done talking.
ME: Nice! so did I, but I am sure mine was a little naughtier then yours.
HER: Don’t be so sure.
ME: haha, I like that reply, so what time are you coming over.
HER: well I have to do some running around after work, is around 8 ok?
ME: Sure that’s fine. Do you have to find a little black dress? lol.
HER: Oh no! I already have one of those
ME: Good girl! hehe.
ME: I’ll be expecting my kiss, no words being spoke.
ME: Don’t tease me baby, lol
HER: I’m not, I may be hesitant at first cuz I’m shy.
ME: I’ll give you 10 seconds to do it, if you don’t I’m taking over.
HER: Deal!
ME: See you tonight
HER: OK I’ll text you later on.
ME: k

She came over that night, wearing a little black dress, she looked hot as hell. I opened the door, stared at her in the eyes, she couldn’t even look at me, she was ultra shy, her entire body showed it. I grabbed her hips, pulled her into me, closed the door, kissed her passionately, she kissed back. I then picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me, i pressed her against the wall, started kissing her neck, then placed her on my kitchen table. sitting, with me in between her legs. The rest is history. We fucked 4 times that night, including right away. then i sent her on her way about 5 hours later.

After the last time, we layed in bed, I asked her. Did you visualize this happening last night? she replied ” YES, especially the kissing part. Wasn’t sure about the rest, but kinda thought about it. What about you? I replied, I have been visualizing it since the moment I met you, hahaha! She laughed. Then said, she was thinking about it all day at work too.


HER: OMG that was so hot last night, I am really glad you took control, i was so nervous.
ME: ( 30 mins later) I agree it was very hot! I am glad you broke out of your shell.
HER: ME TOO!!! hahaha
ME: Next time it’s all you, I want you to make all the moves, and surprise me.
HER: Well I am actually going shopping with my friends tomorrow and we plan on stopping by victoria secrets
ME: Perfect! just for the record, I love thigh high nylons and garters.
HER: I’ll keep that in mind

I will often use a dream context to enter the woman’s sexual mind. It’s a great way to open them up, you can be as risque as you like, without worrying as it’s a dream and you cannot control your dreams. This one didn’t get too ramped up as most do but I did get enough out of her to know sexuality would be implied upon within our encounter. There really wasn’t a reason to escalate more.

The idea behind this was to create a sexual frame for our encounter as well as see where she is at, also to get into her head and give her the opportunity to visualize us together. I knew from our first meeting that she was really missing some spice in her life but kind of had a good girl mentality. This is why I kept it PG 13.

Each woman will have a specific ideal level of escalation, some women will completely open up, but it’s always best to start slow, and then ramp it up based on her reactions.

The dream context is just one way to open a woman up. If you had already opened her up the night you met, K-close or heavy petting, you can start off much more aggressive. Keep the same basic principles

Open her up with thoughts of intimacy and associate what already happened.
Get into her mind, let her visualize
Set up an encounter and associate your sexual conversation to the encounter.
Challenge her, while gauging her interest and sexuality

If you get into her head, let her visualize the encounter, if she agrees to see you, sex or sexual contact will be implied. It makes the seduction so much easier.

If she doesn’t open up at all, or seems like a cold fish, don’t even bother with the invite, and freeze her out as long as you expressed your sexual interest in her, if she does message you again you will still have your sexual association, you can always escalate again. If she agrees to meet you, it should be on, as long as you keep your sexual frame.

key points:

Do not be pua/gimmicky/calculated
Do not worry about her reactions let it flow(do not be too calculated, trying to impress or say the right thing)
Do not worry about losing her
Be Original, interesting different
Sense of humor super important
Lead(none of that shit: so what are you doing tomorrow)
Do not be overly cocky
Do not be outcome dependent(i hate saying this shit, cause is kind of a contradiction)
Be sexually aggressive, unapologetic
do not be accommodating…
punish her if she play games(by your no responding and freeze outs)

A lot of dudes and gurus advise against texting(60 yoc), i encourage you too see for yourself…If you follow the shit , here, and you practice you will text to fuck…Like everything else it will not happen over night, but little by little with practice you will text, chat, and email to fuck in no time, is just that easy…..



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  • “Say, you got a nice blog.Thanks Again. Really Cool.”

  • ian says:

    this shit really wrks…used it yesterday morning n today she has called me to her place for sex…thanks man

    • Skills says:

      Yes! it definitely works as long as you are not outcome dependent(you don’t care to lose the girl)… It will not work with all girls, and that is fine, since it is a way of screening for not down to fuck and/or time wasters and or girls looking for relationships etc… And even with those type of girls it works most times, for me it works with 8 out of 10 girls in general.

  • John C says:

    this is pretty groovy, but, you sent all of these texts just after getting her number and not meeting her even once?

    It seems that you met her, got her number, arranged a 1st date/meet up and then sent these?

    In this day and age, I am talking to alot of girls on Tinder and meeting them in person before sometimes getting their #.

    It would be helpful if you can confirm how many times you messaged/texted this girl before sending all of the “dream” texts.

    I know you said you do this to not waste time meeting them and I think this is a good idea, but, it is kind of important to see the girl in person first.

    • Skills says:

      I only get the number if there was a lot of chemistry, vibe, tons of escalation, and the girl is into me. After that since the club is loud and i am mainly escalating and barely talking I use the text to get her invested, aroused and set up a “sexual encounter”.

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