How to properly set up a second date

datesIt at amazes me how guys that are good with women, beginners and others complain about women flaking and how they suck at asking girls out( a lot of this guys coaches or advance seducers), any ways, i have very little to no flakes even sexaddict does not even believe me, but is the truth, i can count in my hand the number of flakes i had. Second i am also amazed at the number of guys in the chat that suck or set up the wrong day 2 so i hope with this i will help some of you and i do not have to repeat myself ( i can just link them here). So let me start with the problem with phone numbers:

Stage 1 /Pre-phone number: If during the interaction, there were not tons of iois, chemistry, sexual tension, escalation, and a good amount of screening, throw the number away. The only exception is a girl giving you the number online or through facebook/myspace in my opinion for a girl to do that she is interested and buying temperature is high.

Stage 2 /Phone number: now you gotten the phone number, the best time to text is when things are hot. Text her right there with you present”who is that good looking guy you are talking to lol” that way she gets used to your text or do what i do since i do not carry my phone, i get her to give me her phone and i text my self, “Damm you are hot, text me back” stupid shit like that! the point is to be memorable, fun and different. Anyways for more follow my guide in text game, but to be honest text whenever you feel like there is not a right or wrong time to text, but i think is better when things are hot.

Stage 3/ set up an encounter(not a date): Now the ideal situation is for a girl to be so pumped in her buying temperature and so curious about your lack of pro-activeness, and your sexual capabilities(even if you suck but she believes you can please her better than any guy “Grandmaster style” psychology which is she is bombarded in her mind and associate you with a sexual competent guy that will bring the goods) that she will start hinting dates or get together or a sexual encounter(this is my style) or flat out ask you, all these are the best frames and outcomes but is kind of unrealistic for many of you, why? because many of you do not have a main girl, or women that you can access for pussy, that allow you flexibility to take your time, which is my style(look at all my unedited field and lay reports most girls kind of ask me out), second you are brainwashed with the “lets set up a date right away mentality” (which is good if the buyer temperature super high), but lets face it most of the time is not that high with many of them, things may have cool off and/or there are other dudes competing and doing the same shit you are doing….So now let me talk to you about dating and my view on it and why i think you should stay away from “traditional dating”.
Women will put a dude into 4 categories( i change my view to 4 instead of 3)
a nothing(not a friend, not an acquaintance, not a person she wants nothing to do with, she just gave him the number for whatever reason)
a friend or emotional tampon( dead zone)
a lover or dude she wants to fuck(best zone to be in even if you want to her to be your gf always fuck them first then walk backwards to a relationship)
a boyfriend/or potential bf ( this may delay sex, or totally kill your chances and put you into friend zone when it comes to dating)

So what is the problem with the traditional dinner, movie, miniature golf, and all that crap that you see on live dating shows like “millionaire match maker”, The problem i see with the traditional dating is that it has a high % to one of these 2 outcomes specially for newer/intermediate guys, you will be put into the possible bf application stack, so you will get screen harder, and your flaws will be looked at or maximize… Now let say you are amazing and you get through her screening, then sex may be delay(since now you will be seen as a bf instead of lover, so she may want you to see her as girlfriend material that she is not that easy, the women 3 date rule crap), plus it is a bad frame you are paying for dates so you are seen as a provider. Anyways the % of success doing the traditional dating in my opinion lower than if you do what i suggest which i will call the lover dates:

1.- Any excuse to be at your house or her house(renting a movie, dinner at your house, video games,massage etc…)
2.- walk by the beach(night preferably)
3.- Park date (secluded night time)
4.- dancing at a club(easy to escalate)
5.- drinks at a bar( alcohol may be your friend to make her relax)
6.- swingclub, sex shop, sex expo, strip club.(advance level)

The goal of 2 to 6 is to go back home or to a motel and have sex with the exception of the swingclub(cause you fuck them in the swinclub).

Stage 4: How would i ask her out if you fail in the sub communication of presenting yourself as a lover or for a sexual encounter, first you need to get a sense of her lifestyle (when she works, when she goes to school, friends etc…)..

Second you need to LEAD and make it something she will want to do by building, excitement
curiosity and delivery…Unfortunately it sadens me that most puas have really vanilla personalities or no personality.

Holly shit! Saturday night is going to be so much fun (or whatever day you may think she may available, if she is not available it does not matter) you can not miss it, it will be so awesome i can’t wait… Hb: what what is it? don’t worry you are gonna have a blast do me a favor and met me at (starbucks, gas station, it does not matter) at 5 pm wear something cute and comfortable… Hb: but what is it? me: is a surprise you will have so much fun. i will call you around 4 pm to confirm if at 4 i do not hear from you i am going alone or i am taking somebody else. If she can not go when you are setting up the date, for example i can’t that day cause i need to go to work, then it is good, cause you can find out when is she is available.. You go really! that sucks cause you would have loved it, when are you usually free(indirect asking when is she free), i am free on Thursday and on Sundays…. So now you have info… Do not set it up right then, keep texting and talking normal, and wait till it get close to those days and act again indirectly following similar or same format.

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