Guest Post: How To Seduce a Stripper (Insider Secrets) By Sexual Sorcerer

stripperI have dated a couple strippers, they are definately not my preference at all, honestly I have an aversion to them. But I am attracted to perfect 10’s and wont abandon a connection with a girl if she says shes a dancer. Anyways I have talked to a few strippers, dated a couple…so I know a little bit about how they work. But I also recently had the opportunity to meet a guy whose specialty was stripper game. He was not even into pickup artistry at all, he was just a natural. And he was from Dallas and had been part of an inner circle of strippers from the high end strip clubs there.

So together we put together a top secret insider document on stripper and strip club game, namely the stripper politics and stripper psychology, which is what the document is going to be called once complete.

I am going to be bringing you this document here today for free. Simply because I know there are many people out there who are much more attracted to strippers than me. And because I feel as though this information should be out there being utilized by someone, since I have literally no intention of going into the strip clubs and using it, and prefer to meet my women on the street or bus. But this information is good and I do not want it to go neglected by men like you who could be actually picking up, dating and having sex with strippers, literally right now. Because while strippers are one of the two hardest types of women to pick up (the other being cocktail waitresses), once you know their secrets, and the system for gaming strippers, they are actually one of the two easiest (the other being fat slutty low value chicks haha just kidding).

And I know there are good men out there reading this, men who deserve to have strippers falling into their laps fulfilling their needs. And I know that with this system that you can go right into a strip club and have everything fall into place for you easy easy as 1, 2, 3…and have that feeling of really being at the top of the food chain.

So without further ado, I, Sexual Sorcerer, bring you, “The Insider Stripper Game System – Stripper Politics and Psychology”

Just please try not to damage those poor girls any more than they already are boys ;)


Part 1 – Strip Club Politics and The Hierarchy

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

Understand that there is a hierarchy in the club. At the top of the hierarchy are the managers who manage the girls and the tables but also act as bouncers. They control the floor, they are responsible with keeping the customers happy and sell the club (and manage the girls).

Then there is the house mom. She is very important. She is the moral support for the girls, she gives pep talks, when the girls have a bad night she is one of the ones that comfort them, she gives motherly advice and is the mother archetype because the girls are actually very fucked up and have a compromised sense of innocence and an inner child that wants to come out, and this woman will actually be called some motherly name, and will often be older, possibly overweight. The relationship is very psychological. The house mom has makeup for when the girls forget it (but they have to buy it from her).

Then you have the cocktail waitresses, there is always a power struggle between the cocktail waitresses and the stripper. The cocktail waitresses have power because they can manipulate things very well because they have financial information from the customer by knowing what kind of credit card they are paying with. There are little clicks and teams that form in the strip club and there will be table sharking (even though there is not supposed to be – your only supposed to come over to a table if invited or brought by a manager). The cocktail waitresses will give the strippers heads up on customers who have money, and they work as a team – the stripper then gets the guy to buy drinks so that the waitress makes money too. But sometimes teams compete.

The valet is also a spy who not only looks at what kind of car the person comes in on (or a cab or limo if they are out of towners), but will sometimes even scope out what is in the car. This information then gets relayed to the manager who will relay the information to specific girls who he thinks are good for the job. The valets are often the most important because they are oftentimes limo drivers as well that have big clients, sometimes celebrities, and they know lots of big people and can actually provide referrals and have an “in” with rich people and can make suggestions.

The DJ has a temporal power over the strippers because he is in charge of the music they dance to and there is a fine line where they have danced too much and should stop or is not doing well or making money or feels uncomfortable and just wants to get off the stage…and the DJ needs to cut the song and get them off stage. This is often done by a signal, or just by the DJ knowing the woman and being able to sense where she is at. If the relationship is not good he will not pay attention.

There are also guys who are “members” of the club who can provide insider information and will actually even try to sell you on the club, and who you can do a lot of recon with, perhaps on multiple clubs they are members of, and they will give you a lot of information on dancers such as who is single, who has a boyfriend, who is promiscuous, who is dancing to put themselves through school, who does drugs, etc. The paid members are the ones you want to elicit information from, but you have to be careful that you do not come across as vice (an undercover cop), because if he thinks your being too inquisitive and suspects that you are vice to see if there is illegal shit going on he will tell the manager and the manager will get paranoid about you. It’s also good idea to hang outside the club and talk to some of the guys outside coming out to do some recon on what its like inside on that night.

Understanding this hierarchy and politics is the first thing you must know in order to properly infiltrate the strip club, and exfiltrate with the strippers phone numbers or bodies themselves.


Part 2 – Basic Logistical Planning for Going to The Club

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

You don’t want to get to the strip club early unless its dead. A lot of people usually go early. And the strippers aren’t thinking about meeting boyfriends they are looking for prospects and thinking about money, and havnt gotten drunk or done any drugs yet. But you also don’t want to go late because they are already going to be at tables with someone. The times to pick up strippers is when it is dead. Because then they are looking for a pick me up, someone to uplift them, get their mind off the fact that they are not making money, and is a nice guy who is an enigma and provides nice conversation and entertainment.


Part 3 – On The Club Manager

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

The Manager is your Enemy in the Club. Do not talk to the manager if you do not have to, and if he approaches you engage him as minimally as possible. The manager is there to make money and is also a bouncer and is watching over their girls and do not want to see them talking to some guy not making money but instead getting swept off their feet because that’s a threat. They do not want their strippers to be making boyfriends. The managers are your biggest enemy in the club. They may even approach you if they see you hitting it off with a stripper and try to find out something they can take back to the stripper to use it against you. They wont bust your balls, they will be subtle and manipulative and try to sabatoge your potential relationship instead. Do not be afraid of them, but do not trust them. Anything you say to them can and will be used against you. They will talk to her and try to warn her against you, or tell them that they shouldn’t be sharing personal information with customers, etc. Do not trust the manager even/especially if he is being friendly with you and shaking your hand and trying to relate to you, its just information gathering. Because the more time the stripper spends with you as someone who is not a real paying customer is a loss of money for the club and a threat to his livelihood and he will need to prevent her from spending time with you and try to keep her from you.


Part 4 – Introduction to The Stripper Psychology

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

The hardest obstacle you’ll come across is the fact that strippers have this thing where they do not want to meet their ideal guy at the club. They want to meet him at a café or book store, in a normal setting. They hate the strip club, they go there to make money and manipulate men, and they often have to take drugs to do it. Remember that with strippers, the game is that guys hit on them all night, and its their job to flirt with them back. If you approach it that way you are just a face in the crowd. You have to do something unorthodox and that no one else does.


Part 5 – Introduction to The Strip Club “Outer Game” – The Basic Do’s and Don’ts

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

If you want to hook up with a stripper go to the club and don’t talk to the strippers, don’t give them any money, dress nice but don’t wear guess, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Wear a suit like you were interviewing with Donald Trump because those are the guys they scope out and that will get their attention. Talk to the waitress and impress her if you can, and remember that the waitress is the strippers spy, everything she wants to know about you will come from the waitress. Make it seem like your not there because you want to be but because a friend dragged you there and seem classy. None of the strippers wanna be there either. You can even go alone and say that you were meeting a friend and that he stood you up.

Strippers call young guys “young fucks” or “little fucks”, because the young guys come in wearing cologne and wearing a nice sweatshirt coming in thinking that they are going to pick up a sweat shirt and think they’re going to pick up a stripper and are smiling and way too excited and happy to be there and strippers hate that. Also they get a lot of out of towners and will oftentimes nick name customers based on the location they are from. So if they start calling you “Philly” or “Brooklyn”, politely correct them and tell them your name again, so if they are like “hey new York, hows your night going” Be like “oh its Brian by the way, the nights going alright how are you?”. Don’t get in the customer zone. Most guys who go into the strip clubs are retarded. The only guys who have a chance to pick up a stripper are the ones off in the corner in the shadows wearing a suit and unimpressed. The stripper will come over and talk to him and he will seem apprehensive and will get lucky. If you can show insight into their world and appreciate what they do and seem like your one of them and be like “high five to that”, and not show off any money but have that (and much else) be a mystery (don’t pay with a credit card because the type of card will give away your worth) and leave it all to their imagination…then you have a good chance. Anytime they think about you and money it should be a big question mark.


Part 6 – “Game On” – On The Stripper Psychology and Business Socio-Politics and How To Use it To Game Them Properly

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

The golden rule is not to fall into customer zone. If they associate you with money, your done, there’s no chance at dating them. Do not give them a dollar! Nothing! Don’t tip them or anything! Don’t sit by the stage. Those are the tools and idiots. Women think they are shitheads and wont care about a thing you say! Do not let them associate you with money!!! Strippers are gold diggers.

Many strippers are attracted to men who get lap dances paid for and then instead of being into it, look at her thoughtfully and engage her in conversation.

When talking to a stripper, don’t flirt with them or even make eyes with them. Do the opposite of what you think. Don’t look at them when they are naked and such. If you ignore them they will wonder why you aren’t interested. They will talk to you, but do not flirt with them. Get them to take their mask off and remove their stripper game facade.

Then show them that you know the strippers game. Say that you dated a stripper before. You can even tell them that you appreciate the art of what they do and understand what they have to deal with. Your not the type of guy who hangs at a strip club but you understand what they do and appreciate it. Also talk about the art of seduction because that is their bible. You can even ask them what their seduction personality type is and she will usually want to tell you, and then she has actually given you her secret.

One of their fears is that they are going to hook up with a guy who is going to hook up with a guy who will rope them in and then will sit around playing playstation all day while they go out making the money. They don’t want a pimp, they already have one (their manager). This fear of them being in that situation is like a stereotype. You don’t want to be seen as someone who would just be their deadbeat pimp.


Part 7 – Advanced Outer Strip Club Game – The Procedures and Protocols of Gaming a Stripper in a Strip Club (and Succeeding Greatly with Her!)

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

When you go in, order one drink, make it a really nice classy expensive drink, and don’t get drunk. Drunk guys are not respected and are just targets for getting money. If your real slick and have a specific target in mind, who you have seen drinking a specific drink, order that same drink. If she comments on it, then don’t say anything about it either, just nod nonchalantly like its meaningless.

Don’t pay attention to the dancers on stage, be paying attention to text messages on your phone or doing something else. Buy a classy drink, pay with cash, either a $20, or a $50, tip the waitress good, and say “I’m only getting one drink so I’ll tip you now.” Be polite with the waitress but don’t flirt with her. Make her wonder about you. Seem like the anomaly at the club that is different from the other guys.

Once the stripper comes over to talk to you, and when in conversation with the stripper, don’t worry so much about what to say, but what not to say. Remember that she is a sexy shark with razor sharp teeth. She is at your table because she smells blood and is hungry for your meat (money), and wants to sink her teeth into your wallet. You don’t want to talk about money or anything that is going to shoot down her possibility of getting money out of you. She is trying to assess your worth and if you let her do that too soon, she will either think of you as a money bank and source of blood, or as a broke fuck who has no value to her. Don’t let her assess your worth either way! The most engaging conversations strippers have are when the club is dead and a customer comes in and doesn’t tip, doesn’t get a lap dance, the girl comes over and doesn’t hit on them but is just friendly, makes them laugh, and treats them like a real human being rather than someone who is a half naked object, and strikes up a genuine conversation. Relate to her on a human level, don’t try to game her or seduce her, if you make a genuine human connection they will do so too and if you can relate to them it will happen, but sometimes your just different and it wont, often however you will find yourself connecting with them because they really enjoy genuinely connecting on a human level with someone. But you can absolutely not check her out or show any interest in her physically, or even do so much as to glance at the girl on stage even for a split second because she will pick up on it.

Do not ever invite them outside of the club or ask her out. The object is to get her to ask you out, and to get her to give you her phone number. She will pursue you and chase you down if she wants you. All you have to do is make her want you. Every guy is trying to get her outside of the club and she has been asked out every way imaginable, there is nothing that works. As soon as you ask them out or ask for their phone number you are going to be seen like every other guy out there. She is a stripper, she is charming, confident, and can go after what she wants. All you have to do is make her want you and she will certainly go after you. She will even leave your table to see what you do and then come back fifteen minutes later. Do not chase a stripper under any circumstances!


Part 8 – The Dark Side of Stripper Psychology and Politics that you Absolutely Must Know for Managing Your Relationships with Strippers!!!

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

Strippers are strong characters but do have issues however. Under all the bravado they are actually insecure little girls and will call you daddy and use pet names and regress and act childish and girlie and they want their innocence back and so if you can identify that and placate that and make them feel better about their inner child and not bad about it they will love you. They have a loss of innocence that they feel bad about. When you take them out of the strip club environment they have periods of regression where they will act like teenagers. They have a very strong but vulnerable inner child with a lost sense of innocence, and there is a powerful desire for that lost innocence to be reclaimed and have the inner child emerge. Everything that is sacred to them, privacy, etc, that makes a person a sacred innocent child, is gone and perverted, and they have a strong desire to go back to that place of security and innocence. You will notice them regress they will get very giggly and childish. The deep seeded desire they have is that they want a daddy. They want a protector. They get stalked, and will have guys trying to coerce them with money who they then shut down and then get mad…they sometimes have to hire security guards and pistol permits. They have security concerns. They have fear and you need to be able to placate that and make them feel safe with you (without trying to hard, but just through subtle reassurance). And they want someone who is going to take on a father figure type of role because many of them were abused as children and are actually afraid of men. They get satisfaction out of manipulating and controlling men and taking their money, it is a sport to them and gives them the satisfaction of getting revenge on men because of something that happened to them when they were younger. So if you can be a nurturing type of father figure to them who will kiss them on the forehead and tuck them in at night – the opposite of what they put out in the club where they are playing the tough dominatrix type – and nurture that innocent little girl they will love you.

Now here is the darkest most dangerous part of stripper game. Oftentimes the men who they have roped in and gotten a lot of money out of will come after them after they do not go out with them, and will use their money and power to stalk them and get private investigators, so often they have to move around or leave the state sometimes, and will often have a lot of guy friends because it makes them feel protected. Sometimes however they will feel like they have to sleep with the really rich guys and get into high cost prostitution.

Unfortunately strippers are oftentimes very good at lying and deceiving also so normal lie detection skills may not work, and be careful about trusting them because they will lie to you and you may not even realize it, their whole game is about deception. They make their money off of bullshit. That’s why if you can go in their without them being able to pin you down, and just see you as a big question mark, and get them to take their mask off and talk one human to another, you have a good chance at them giving them your number.


Part 9 – Follow up and End Game with your Stripper(s)

(note: None of this material is for reproduction of sale. These are insider secrets for your eyes only, and the material has been copyrighted as well and may not be distributed except by the author)

Once you have their number, you have to play the same game. Let her call you, don’t pursue her. Most guys who get their numbers will wait till the club closes and then text them inviting them out. Don’t be that guy. Get their number, and don’t text them for like a day. If you really feel like she really liked you, make her wait till the next night because she will be wondering the whole day if you are going to text her. Otherwise, if she likes you enough to give you her number, but your not sure how much she likes you, texting her will depend on the day of the week. Strip clubs do best on Sundays and Thursdays. If you get her number on Monday text her on Wednesday. Text her in the afternoon then. Strippers are night owls, they don’t wake up till around noon. Don’t text before that because you might wake them up and annoy them. Wait till afternoon. And then as long as you maintain all the psychological and socio-political principles I have taught you in this document it will be a wrap. She will consider you as the prize dream guy she has been looking for and will ask you out and court you like the courtesan that she is. Just be sure to maintain control over her dark side, and manage your relationship well with intelligent socio-psychology practices, and continue to apply yourself to her mindset and do what you can to work with it in a way that will help to balance it out and provide healing, rather than allowing her mental health issues to take an uncontrolled negative outlet in your relationship. If you can maintain a healthy relationship with a stripper it will be a very sexually/socially fulfilling one at that. Just always be on the guard for her manager, who will try to sabotage your relationship with her if she stops going to work so much. And also be prepared for her to have powerful stalkers that you may have to deal with at some point, and will need to do so tactfully at that. And also watch out for the prospect of her prostituting herself, and not being honest with you about such things. That being said, have fun playing the game now that you know how to cheat at it, and enjoy courting those wild exotic geishas and all the pleasure it will bring you!


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  • Amydlc says:

    We know this game too. Reverse – reverse psychology. You men are all so fucking stupid.
    Its not daddy issues at all btw. its all men are pricks and treat women like shit right from the beginning of first boyfriends. Breaking our hearts because of these ganes. If your upfront and honest instead of playing a mental tug of war and trying to hurt a womans feelings so u all have power over us. Or think u do.
    U get what u deserve. Grown men also act like children so as long as they are getting their dinkys played with.
    You’re not real men your pussies. A real man is a natueal protector and provider and does not gave to play head games like a little bitch. A real man will pick his woman up and kiss her passionately not kuss forehead or cheek like a little bitch. A real man dominates in bed and knows how to fcuk hard AND make love. Thanks for reminding me about how fucked up alot of u wannabe men are.
    Enjoy fucking your hand tonight…losers.

    • Skills says:

      Like attracts like, that is why you had bad luck with men, you are yourself a loser, anybody can tell by your writing… Therefore a loser like yourself attracts losers and bottom feeders… Enjoy your vibrator… And thanks for taking the time, enjoy your excuses, your blame game and your stupid ass incoherent justifications…

    • Huab Tais says:

      I think you have it all wrong lady. Sorry about the bad shit that has happened to you. But chances are you chose those guys because of 2 reasons. 1. You thought he was really cute. 2. He was big in the south. That is not how you find the solution for a guy you talked about above. I don’t mean to be rude. I am just being honest. Take for example the reverse. If I always cry about how I want a nice girl who isn’t a slut and will be a good mother to our future children but my 2 things that was a must for her are a fat ass and big ol tits the facts don’t add up. It may sound confusing but it’s really clear as day. 1 + 1 = 2. Look deep down at all you have done. A good person marries a good person. That is the 1 + 1 = 2 example. The rest of society gets stuck with each other. You may even look for shitty men unconsciously and look for ideal components that you know shitty men have. I assume to even dress a certain way to attract shitty men. My remorse for you and most people men or women is there. If you don’t realize it though you will be stuck in this weird zone of 9+10=21 and you will be like what the fuck. Why doesn’t this ever work. It’s simple. I use to be a fucking prick. I changed and became the best man that I could be. Everything else came into place. See, it’s simple. You get what you deserve. If you don’t like what you get change yourself and your environment. I hope I made a difference in your life to anyone reading this. – Huab Tais (Code Name)

    • Sir says:

      Amydic, I almost totally agree with you. I’m a guy who has the natural tendencies that you mention (well, the good ones, not the little bitch ones).

      One thing is though, women generally don’t really know what they really want. They say they want caring and loving and tender and such, but then they don’t respond to it.

      Unfortunately, there is a cat&mouse game going on. Like you mention, the guys who are pricks are praying on women and manipulating them because of their own insecurities. But, a guy does have to play the part of being a leader, protector and such and that’s the game that they need to portray (yes, a natural will just do that naturally, and that’s what women want), the rest of the guys have to be bitches because they are just pretenders.

      girls, find the pricks and bitches and bit off their balls. At least you’ll know them in the future.

      -Sir (until you respect me for who I am, then respect me as -Master)

  • velvzz says:

    This is so inaccurate its almost laughable. What douche wrote this? Lmao

    • Skills says:

      Velvzz nice hit and run instead of offering a counter argument… Thanks for your contribution!

    • Kitty says:

      Agree this is a load of crap!!
      im a stripper and this is the worst advice ever all incorrect
      i hope no guy follows this advice because It will just make them look silly
      If you want a girl Be Yourself!! (unless your sick in the head then don’t be yourself)
      The right girl will like you for who you are don’t play these stupid games this article tells you to what a waste or time and energy
      Be respectful and respect that she is there to make money to live and unless you are happy to pay for her time don’t be selfish and distract her.

  • Idateastrippet says:

    it is funny to see how many of these guides exist.due to the fact that I actually date a stripperso I know exactly what she does to get men interested.its like the plans that you have to seduce them are the same things that they play off to try and make money out of you. for most of them especially the attractive ones not giving them money its just going to cause them to leave your tableor area because that’s exactly what they’re there to do and that’s it.

  • jo says:

    Wont work they have older strippers telling them what to do

  • None of ut biz says:

    Lol. Men, as an actual stripper…. This guy teaches men to prey on insecure women, who do exist in and out of the club… Lol the advice us outdated… Try this in vegas, ny, sf, la, tx, hi, fl or any majoe city upscale club and ….. See what happens… The guy forgot to google: yo bailo diva, I am bachata diva on facebook, instagram, twitter that this advice might only work on young and new girls just starting out 18-25. And not to mention at a very low end club… Which makes sense if you want to pick up a stripper… But still… Not very accurate for the exotic and exquisite top dancers…. NEVER! Lol

    • Skills says:

      Jesus! another one… I will ask you this question again, How many strippers in your lifetime have you seduce as a MAN? If you can not answer that question, then discussion over…

  • laidbaxk says:

    Not exactly, but I’ve veen doing this

  • Big al says:

    I’m in Thailand, Phuket, and I see guys go home with the gogo dancers without paying… Their “trick”…. They didn’t pay for a lap dance and they were the life of the club…. They had 3-5 chicks grabbing at their dicks and bouncing on them… I was completely and utterly eclipsed…. I suck at this.

    • S says:

      I wonder if this guy has his wallet, or any valuables left the next morning at home. Some people will rob you blind. (Notice, I didn’t say ladies.. most of them at ts there, so when he gets home and stares at 3 – 5 dicks, he might not be laughing so much. (or, maybe he will… brave new world)

  • Nicole jaye says:

    Buy them an outfit or shoes from frisky business or eye candy exotic wear. Being in playboy I know what they like and just opened my own store

  • Killthesky says:

    Skills, love the article. Women are elusive. I have seen and experienced good reactions by not getting dances and looking not interested. When they come over offer to buy a drink and mention your not staying long has also worked for me. I agree with the drinking statements about not being a drunk. I have often gotten results by mentioning getting coffee later…I think because its totally different than the club. I don’t even drink coffee. Also talk food with traveling dancers catches them off guard .. Happy hunting

    • Skills says:

      thanks! good stuff…

    • S says:

      It also completely depends on the day/time. If it’s slow, they might just want to sit down and rest their feet. So, why not find someone that looks decent until a new mark comes in.

      My best time to pickup a dancer is Tuesday nights. Taco Tuesday is always fun. lol.

      The stuff about not handing over loads of cash just because they wink at you is 100% true. You can’t be their customer. I do give them a ~middle of the road~ tip for hanging out and having a good conversation after I tell them ‘I’m here to meet someone and not looking for a dance, if they see someone that looks like they want the girl’s attention, they better go get the cash, I know they aren’t there just for the fun of it’

      They can’t sit on my lap, or paw all over me, it’s just the two of us having a small conversation (and not like ‘what’s your real name’.. they really hate that guys.

  • Tania Li says:

    Strippers are whores and STDs flow off them like water. Nothing dirtier than a stripper. Guaranteed. Here in Canada especially…..filth. Strip joints are basically brothels, nothing less.

    • Skills says:

      There are all types of strippers… A lot of them single mothers and others doing it to pay for school. Not all of them is what you described.

    • S says:

      Spoken like someone with a really small mind. We need less people like you in the world.

      That’s why I moved out of small towns and live in San Fran. Much more open minded people here.

      I wonder how Tania ever got onto this thread with thinking like that. Poor girl

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