How To Guide For One Night Stands In Clubs and Bars

one night standFirst I will start by saying that as i got older and I reached certain amount of lays, I started to prefer having sex with a girl on day 2 vs. One night stand.   This is by a seducer name Remedy:


Might as well get a fleshlight in that case. If you don’t enjoy interacting with women… why the fuck would you put in all this effort to get “good”. Sex is fun, but after 20 or so girls you start to feel like “whatever” and after 50 shit just starts to get lame “Yes! Another one… yay… why don’t I feel good yet?” Sometimes we forget that this shit should be fun, it should be about ourselves and what we enjoy doing. Not about the chicks and their responses or their sex.

If I like texting, why stifle it? It’s like saying “Only fuck in the missionary position, that’ll be sure to give her an orgasm and make her come back!” Fuck that. I’d rather fuck the way I want and have her not come back, but enjoy every moment. Than be with her and wonder “Okay… now what… when does this get fun?”

Sure, some guys text/facebook/twitter for validation. We’ve all been there.I still catch myself doing it once in a while. But you know what? That shit eventually blows up in your face. It did for me. And boy do you learn when it does. I don’t think newbies need to be protected from making mistakes. If we lay out the options and let them decide, that’s good enough.


Besides it is called one night stand for a reason:

one night stand

Web definitions
a brief sexual encounter lasting only for a single night; “he ran through a series of loveless one-night stands”.

In my experience on average out of every 5 girls I laid on a “one night stand”, only one out of 5 of those sexual encounters was enjoyable. Some of the reason may have been:

  • After doing dance floor game you are kind of exhusted and sometimes there is alcohol involved (wisky dick for the guy/bad performance for the girl)
  • In my experience the pussy is sometimes sweaty and alcohol (specially beer) makes the pussy stink.
  • Sometimes you do not get to fuck her in an ideal place but on the car(super uncomfortable), beach (again uncomfortable), club bathroom (sometimes disgusting) etc…
  • There is no connection, which as i said when you reach certain number of lays, it starts to become important.
  • Sometimes in the cases the girl is hot and the sex was good, it is harder to keep the women around in the rotation since she may think of herself as a slut (it is call ONE night stand for a reason).

Now this is a text from a friend, we are gonna call her teacher to protect her privacy, I will post the convo. to try to make a point:

teacher: Hey my friend you were correct when you told me about creepers cause I meet 2 last night… The first one I meet was some guy in the club he seemed nice at 9:15 PM
teacher: first but then was trying to get me to go home with him and told me he wouldn’t try anything just wanted to hold me (yeah right )lol… And if I said no he 9:15 PM
teacher: won’t talk to me anymore so then I said bye but he didn’t give up cause he followed me around all night and even text me today .. Don’t know why I gave him my 9:15 PM
teacher: number … The second one was even more strange I started talking to him on Pof last week and meet him after the club outside for a few he was really strange 9:15 PM
teacher: and made me a little nervous and I don’t get nervous much when meeting someone … He just kept telling me how beautiful I was and wanted to know if I wanted 9:15 PM
teacher: to go on a cruise with him and if that wasn’t strange enough he told me that he was going to be home alone today all alone and told me not to feel bad for him 9:15 PM
teacher: he would just really like to see me and yes he called me today lol… I’m not talking to guys when I go out next time I am going to just walk away lol LOCOS 9:15 PM


^ this same girl when I met her, she wanted to go home with me.  I did not try anything other than just be there and arouse her with my presence and attractive actions.

My point is that there are all different types of methods, and ways for extraction but i am gonna tell you something, the girl knows if she will fuck you or not that night (at the moment of extraction), those methods are not to fuck it up or just make it faster, but again i believe there is very little you can do. In my honest opinion from all of what i have seen and there are some good ones for example z and teevester, it will not work if the girl did not already knows she wanted to fuck you.

This a seducer name Z style (kind of similar to what i do, but i am less verbal I assume the fclose):


Don’t overcomplicate this. If you’re within an hour or so of closing and things are going well, you should be able to know if she’s going to come home with you or not. Then keep it simple. “Let’s get out of here.” She’ll probably give you a “What are we going to do?” Have some bullshit ready for her. I always used to tell chicks we were going to go play Super Nintendo. Sometimes I tell chicks I have to water my plants. I don’t have any plants. It doesn’t matter. Just have something ready. If you’ve done your job to this point, this is actually easy. You just have to convince yourself that it is.


This is one part that can fuck guys up. So you’re in this loud, fucking packed bar that is crazy, and the two of you are feeling all this sexual tension, and you finally manage to ask her to leave with you, and she even says yes! Oooooh, this is gonna be great! And then you get outside and…it’s fucking cold. Or it’s raining. And a cab just splashed water on her dress. And she doesn’t know where her friends are. And you’re probably a rapist or something. So she bails and heads home to her average-sized green dildo. Shit.

Do you see what just happened? When you pull a chick out of a bar, there is a huge state change that takes place. Think about it. You go from this high-octane shit down to a very quiet, subdued, very real atmosphere. And her head starts taking her places. What you need to do is interrupt that logical cycle. The biggest thing that you can do here is keep talking. Literally, just talk about anything. I have walked home to my place and spent 15 minutes talking about Tom Brady wearing Ugg boots, and still gotten laid. I’m not kidding. Just talk about anything to take her mind of what is actually going on. This is one of the major parts where most guys lose shit.


or this is by a seducer name Teevester:


* Bathroom – Lead her closer and closer to the bathroom. Make out in-front of the bathroom. Reach the point of horniness of no return and pull her in. In this case, the “final” escalation that leads to sex should happen before entering the seduction/sex location. In a bathroom you won’t have time to handle resistance so everything should have been done before entering it. When you enter a bathroom with a woman for having sex, you should already have agreed (sub-comunicated) that sex is going to happen.
* To your place (easy) – First you need an excuse for why you want to leave the venue (“it is so noisy around here”) followed with an excuse for going home to your place (“I have some good wine and we can take the chat further, I don’t live far away”) and release the pressure around going home with a man (“I will follow you back”/”I can give my number to your friends”/”I don’t live far away”)
* To her place (advanced)- First you need an excuse for why you want to leave the venue (“it is so noisy around here”) , ask her where she lives and with who (check out her logistics) followed with an excuse for going home to her place (“do you get some wine? Yes awesome! why don’t we go to your place…”) and release the pressure around bringing a man back home (“I will leave after a short time as I stuff to do”).
*After-party – Hype up the after-party you have been invited to (telling her how many people will be there, telling her how much booze there is in the house). You can also offer her to bring over her friends. Introducing her to people who is heading there and hosting can sometimes be a good idea too.

*Persistence – if she says no, avoid her answer (like it never happened), keep escalating and try again shortly later. Most of the time, women will resist.
* Extra tips – While leaving keep escalating and holding hands. Remember to have smoke and alcohol available. These are good props and can save you from lots of objections (I need a smoke… i can’t come… I got this one once)


The way i do it some my consider afcish/weak, but it works. I just walk them to the car, then they drive me to my car and before leaving, I just turn them on sexually, or leave with them without even trying hard, either to the beach or park etc… , kind of “Brent Smith” type of style (passive/aggressive/outcome independent)… Just like when i am gonna make out with a girl i don’t say anything or have to say anything ( famous style line “Do you want to kiss me” lol, silly), i just arouse her and it happens. My point is the girl will either want to fuck you or she does not, even if you take a more mysterious passive type of approach (Brent Smith)… Alexander from rsd says “Ons are not that frequent” I do have to kind of agree with him, specially when it comes to 8+ Type girls, of course you can have ons almost instantly with “low hanging fruit”  but i am talking 8+… Though you can get around this by just focusing on sexually available or down to fuck type girls.

So in conclusion in my opinion i think either the girl is sexually available and wants to fuck you, or she is not, and no matter how much you “game her”  she will not change her mind and all you will really do with a persistence is creep her out and fuck future possibilities.  Diclaimer.- If the girls is down to fuck, out of town, or in a relationship you have to push it all the way hardcore, since it may be your only chance.

Now to close I will post a video of “Julien” from Rsd, in this video he will talk about 2 ways to pull for One Night Stands. I relate and DO  his second choice, which is staying in set as long as possible. Here:



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