Secrets Of Dance Floor Seduction

If you want to find a method that works it should contain all of the following:


– Screening out uninterested women quickly


– The importance of Physical Game over verbal game


– Provides information on improving your looks


– Stresses the importance of sexual escalation and being sexual


– Stresses that you should be shameless


– DOES NOT replace your personality but is instead open ended enough to allow you to blend it with your current personality


– Shows you how to play to your strengths and minimize your weaknesses


– Is gimmick free


– Does not make outrageous claims about you being able to fuck any girl you want


– Stresses the importance of having fun


The above is a good check list. If what your doing doesn’t meet most/all those requirements its time for you to reconsider what your doing. This is where I am supposed to pitch you my “solve all your problems” product. I have none to pitch you, nor am I going to pitch anyone elses. Use the checklist above to find one suited to you.


By Warped Mindless a seduction coach


Secrets Of Dance Floor Seduction* (The Skills Method) is the most comprehensive dance floor/club game guide available in the seduction community. There is nothing even remotely close.

The method is reverse engeenering of the best dance floor game naturals, “male strippers”. They get bj’s, sex, gifts and money without saying a word. I share my personal experience of almost 2 decades of gaming SUCCESSFULLY in all types of clubs all over the world. But it goes beyond that, I cover topics like inner game, text game, body language,hygine, openers, relationships, fitness, accesesories, types of women in the club, closing and a lot of other topics in collaboration with some of the best naturals in the community. I also show videos of step by step moves on how to do dance SEDUCTIVELY with women.

* Seduction:
The act of seducing; especially : the enticement of a person to sexual intercourse
something that seduces : temptation
something that attracts or charms




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Paperback: 254 pages

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ISBN-10: 1479124532

ISBN-13: 978-1479124534

Paperback: Createspace


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  • Skills says:

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  • I really enjoy reading the blog that you created. Such intelligent piece of content on Dance Floor seduction – club seduction – bar seduction- the skills method is truly remarkable! Please carry on with the awesome quality blog. I plan on incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my web site. My blog is related to free vin. Would you be ok with that?

  • Socialkenny says:

    Try to enable the plugin where we can receive updates via e-mail of new comments posted.

    By the way, cool blog. I consider myself the king of night game, so I’m immediately drawn to your site.

  • Zinger says:

    What up skills, I will being buying your book within the next week(cause I can’t dance for shit lol). I’m just curious does your book have anything on regular game? also it says vol.1 on amazon, is there a vol.2 coming out in the future?

    • Skills says:

      Yes a lot of the book is the regular game i do in clubs and post club. There is not volume 2, but i may make some adjustments to volume 1. Remember the book comes with the youtube videos available for free, in them there is also a lot of regular game.

  • Julo says:

    I also think these points mentioned in the fundamental article, moreover, a very important point when it comes to interacting with a woman’s early start to the touch, it is good to create physical comfort, preparing for something else at the end of the noite.Um most common mistakes is the boy talk, talk and talk, but not play it in almost no time, and as they try to kiss and the woman does not leave or give some excuse, turning her face, they do not understand because of that.

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