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This blog will help you learn the proper way to maximize your results with women and people in general, specially in a club type environment.

Here is a quick list of the best posts and videos:

Club Game

Club Game Basics

How to spot Down To Fuck Women in Clubs (dtf)

Easy way to get a girl to give you a blow job in the club

How to handle cock blocks in the club

Club game factors that are out of your control

Ways to avoid cover charge in clubs

How To Guide For One Night Stands in Clubs and Bars

How to Seduce a Stripper

Massive cold approaching vs. Massive club hopping

Women mood changes in clubs

Dating and seduction

How to seduce a married woman

Simple ways to get a threesome

Easiest way to guarantee sex

How to properly set up a second date

The 3 types of women

Introduction to approach invites/warm approach

How to get out of the friend zone

Sexual funny “The Grand Master style”

The importance of being sexual

The 2 types of men when it comes to seduction

How to seduce women that are part of your social circle, roommates, co-workers,classmates and the likes

Really easy and powerful way to escalate from hi!

Polarity role in seduction

How to deal with women tests aka shit tests

Relationship Skills

The ultimate guide to getting and keeping a girlfriend

Why guys suck at relationships

How to get a girlfriend and never having dry streaks

The ugly truth about average dudes and many former players

Introduction to fixer upper game “how to create your own hottie”

Text Game

Best text game system (sexting)

Maximizing your looks potential

Ultimate man’s guide for being attractive

Simple way to become attractive and maximize your sex appeal!

Looks Money and Status

More looks statistics from the women point of view

Does dick size matter?

There is no excuse for not maximizing your looks potential!

Height theory: the role of height in seduction and social dynamics

Balding Game: Solutions for the attractive masculine bald man

For my female followers

She’s a home wrecker! Women slut shaming other women

A must have sex toy, introduction to the pocket rocket

Why society makes one night stands and single night lays complicated!

Women rating prototype 

Debunking the women rating system

The different women’s body types and  what the top players are attracted to

She wants an alpha male

The worst kind of alpha









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