Some of the problems with hidden camara infield footage and why I don’t do infields

infieldA lot of you have requested for me to do infields (which is really hard to do inside a club),  other than the expensive hiring process of a filming crew and that I like to do what I feel when I feel like (outcome independence), here I am gonna talk about the problems with infield.

Okay, so the latest victim to infield has been good looking loser which is a shame, since I loved and recommended the dude, but in the last video of “Shy guy game” that was posted, I called him out on the video being staged (which is obvious to ANY DUDE that is good with women), the dude that did the expose got threaten with lawsuits, and the whole nine yards, i still found the link on google cache….…ay-game-video/

Now i do believe imo that before he went into Hollywood type mode, the videos he had were legit, since I followed and field tested some of his advice (i believe boy toy is one of his disciples, i might be wrong, and he has tons of success) and i do similar stuff (most of it 60yoc/gunwitch type stuff with some emphasis on screening/efficiency which is my same school of game). But it brings me back to the point of infield since similar companies like rsd, gambler, justin wayne, mystery vh1 show etc… are rumored that they do hire models/actors in SOME of the videos…

Here are some of the problems i have with infield, and this apply to the seduction community as well as some of the prank channels:

1.- Some are staged.

2.- Those that are not staged the dude knows he is being watched which alters the performance (even if you are not being filmed I have gone out with many community dudes, and students to clubs and the way I act is not necessarily how I really act when I am alone).

3.- It fucks with you and the girls privacy which violates our core (secret society credentials).

4.- Some women will act to the camera.(some suspect they are being filmed or know and women like attention whoring)

5.- It gives a delusional impression of pick up. On a giving real night that I go out, I do get rejected, and a lot of nights I do not even pull or flat out have horrible nights. So if I am being filmed and I edit or just tape my best approaches, a newbie sees that shit, and he is trying to replicate my method or someone elses and the outcome of the video does not happen to him, he will feel like a loser.

6.- A lot of videos are TOURISTS, ok but skills why does that matter? any dude that really knows this shit knows that TOURISTS, gives you an unfair advantage since there is hardly any lsd/lmr etc… and they are down to fuck, since women do not have to worry much about social repercussions since they think to themselves (nobody is gonna find out, and in women logic “oh i am traveling so is not cheating”)

7.- Getting women in cars on into your house even if you filmed them in your bed DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN PIPI GOES INTO VAGINA. I had many girls in my bed were my pipi did not go in vagina, some were the period, some did not want to go all the way and just gave me a bj etc….

8.- Most guys that are really good with women(the ones I know personally a good example of this is Evil Stiffler, myself etc…) do not want everybody to know they are good with women and have the world know their real identity.

9.- A lot of us have girlfriends, married, religious parents(me), kids, other businesses were we do not want the world to know we teach how to seduce and fuck multiple women.

10.- As I said hundreds of times most dudes get average women and above average women (5-8) FROM COLD APPROACH PICK UP, with the occasional 9 and the rare 10. Having videos were you pick up only 10s make the dudes learning feel inferior or have unrealistic expectations.

Anyways another one of my ranting posts,  i am just really hurt and boomed out, that you recommend students or followers to certain people you think honestly are legit and you can relate too, and then not only they fuck with their credibility, but then they fuck with my credibility(since i do the recommendation), and the community in general (even if i am a natural once i am in the community and in forums i become part of it).

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  • Scott says:

    Wow dude,

    Thanks for showing this, especially the GLL stuff.

    It is easy to fall for all this stuff online with them making sure everything looks perfect.

    I’ve been to some boot camps only to be like, “wtf is wrong with them?” Same guys with these awesome videos looked like they were absolutely clueless when it came picking up women.

  • jay says:

    RSD does stage infields I know one of camera men, A good portion of them are staged. They seem to have made it more and more obvious lately. Couple on instances are one with jeffy getting a make out with a girl that was creeped by him and want to leave with her friend to all of a sudden wanting to makeout, one where tyler makes out with a random bitch on the beach and another where a girl is acting like she has never seen a fucking beard before and is freaking out over tylers beard, really fake tonality.

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