Some cool lines that work really well (credit good looking loser/Julien)

linesThese are couple of lines that work really well in the right scenario/situation. I learned 2 from Good Looking Loser, the third one from Julien Rsd and FIELD TESTED THEM. Couple of points when using them, she has to be in the right situation and that is a girl that is a maybe or a green, but is shy or no in the right state (in other words, she may be bored, in a bad mood, or not cooperating/complying to escalation etc..). The second instance when i use this in dance floor game is after i open the girl and i am in, but she is, again, not complying to escalation and just going through the motions. The third instance is if after her reaching “the hooked point”, in other words she is into you to move her around.  You have to use the right tonality which is a mix of commanding/leading/assuming the close and empathetic/no rude. DISCLAIMER, At no point you can come across as SUPPLICATING.

Here are the lines:

“follow me”. Proceed to grab her hand and LEAD, no hesitation, assuming the close, like there is a fire and you are trying to save her life. This one say only one time.

“Don’t fight it” “Don’t fight it” “Don’t fight it”.  This one you need to sound a bit more empathetic, works well when escalating with my “Dance floor style” and she is not complying much, say it 3 times fast in succession.  It also works when you are trying to make out and she hesitates a bit. Or when you try to move her and she is hesitating.


“Hey” super commanding a bit mad follow by  “be real” “be real” “stop” “Be real” this one is when the girl is not complying to escalations. Again these lines have worked for me but make sure you are using the, right tonality, right acting, right body language.


These lines help to give that little masculine “reassurance”/”persuasion”. Go out there and try them/field test them couple of time. Please let me know how it went.





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