My experience dating a seducer/player/lover (featuring Leni)

I have said multiple times that women in the LONG RUN. Are better of dating seducers/players/alpha/lovers for many reasons: 1.- If the seducer/player/lover/alpha/pua/natural pics you to be the main, girlfriend, … Continue Reading →


Tales from the club (too good to be true)

So I am doing street game eating shit outside the club, in the pizza place, opening girls, flirting, busting balls etc…  Suddenly, I see this car driving by and the … Continue Reading →

god girl

How to deal with extremely religious women In a club environment (tales from the club)

I am going to personalize a bit the blog, and share some of my adventures, in a field report format. Now bare with me, since i can not recall 100% … Continue Reading →

club game night problems

V-Blog “Disadvantages of Night Game” (featuring The Revolutionary Lifestyle Design)

In my book I talk about some of the downsides and disadvantages of clubbing and night game.  However, if you follow this blog, my method and my philosophy of night … Continue Reading →