attractive man

Ultimate Man’s Guide To Being Attractive (Featuring DavidK)

Hey guys, let me start by explaining what this article is and what it is not. What it is – a crowd-sourced book, or in simpler terms, a collection of the … Continue Reading →


Introduction to Approach Invites/Warm approach (Featuring Corvette aka Illuminatus)

I quote in my book, posts and in my blog tons of good seducers, why? Cause I do not have a big ego, I put your getting good with women … Continue Reading →

spring break

Spring Break Tips

Spring break is awesome, most people are out to party, have a good time, drink a lot, go crazy and get laid a lot. Here are some tips for spring … Continue Reading →


The Manosphere: The men rights movement (mrm), mgtow and the seduction community (featuring NWP)

Recently I found out of the manosphere and the various men movements. I got really disappointed when studying them, since I seduced tons of women through out the years and … Continue Reading →


How to seduce women on the club stage

There are different types of women that go on the club stage or poles depending on the club setting, usually guys are not allow to go up the stage or … Continue Reading →