online dating

My approach on how to get laid online

In this post I will discuss how to get laid online, based on my STYLE. I did online game, about a decade ago (pre-apps only and only pof), in my … Continue Reading →


My first cuckhold adventure (Tales from the club)

Going to cover many aspects of night life and the beauty of night game and why is better than any other game… First what is a cuckhold: “Not simply a … Continue Reading →


Gym Tan and laundry part 3 (my latest look maxing epiphanies)

Please take a look at part 1 and part 2 of the Gym Tan and Laundry series if you have not done so, this shit is stuff I wished someone had told me years … Continue Reading →


Persistance Without neediness (tales from the club)

As always a bit long, but I will make it interesting and enjoyable. In this tales from the club, I am trying to show some calibrated persistence without showing neediness. … Continue Reading →

cold reading

Some simple cold reads that I use in the clubs

I already covered some of the banter that I constantly use in the clubs and the streets in my mega collection of cheese banter and lines series. So here I … Continue Reading →