Naturals Dudes Vs. Community Dudes

natural vs communityHey guys i am really pissed off right now with “The Community”. So i am taking my frustrations writing this post. As you all know a natural (no i am not talking about Vin Dicarlo), but a dude that has no knowledge of the community, or someone that discovered the community AFTER HE WAS SUCCESSFUL in game (being able to fuck one out of 10 girls or less on a consistent basis). I will try in this theory to put my emotions aside and give an objective view of what I have observed in 2 years in the community. I will also use the example of about 5 naturals that I have seen suffer and/or follow the same pattern.

This is a good explanation of what the natural is

naturals are as different, as they can be, because “naturals” is not the exceptions it`s the normal thingthe other wannabe guys should have become by age 18-20 if they had a normal background, no computers and lots of physical activity, if they were socializing since the age of 5, if they were trying to date since the age of 15

if a kid, that is not a weirdo and plays with other kids and he has a normal family background and no bullshit technical  nonsense, geeky interests, by the age of 15, he has amassed a decade of experience in meeting and hanging out with people

 he gathered all this knowledge by finding out intuitively what works, thus making it an organical part of his personality

 so by the age of 25 these guys have 20 years of experience, how to socialize with people and 10 years of experience of getting women

 a pickup geek starts at zero at any age

 you`ve done something for 10 years, you have mastery over it, good luck trying to fake and teach that one

 most of the women who hang around naturals, don`t do it, because they all want to fuck them they use these guys as refreshment and even though some of these men do not have the flavor they like, they just wish, only if their current boyfriend would be partially as cool as this guy


Most naturals discover the community accidentally, and they get some type of excitement (woowoww there are some secret society dudes out there, woowwow i am not the only one that is a womanizer in the world)… See some friends of naturals are players, but not all of them make it as a lifestyle long term, as you may know most of them get married and get a bit betasized (thought they still do their thing or get divorce).

So here is what happens, they join the community usually though the book the game, spam or the internet etc…

Joins a forum, and start getting exited, making comments and giving advise . The problem with the advise is that at the beginning he may sound retarded and not get the point across right, since he does not know the terminology or how to explain what he does correctly. A good example is me thinking that going to swing clubs or cheating was monogamy.

Then he starts asking questions that are advanced questions cause the naturals assume everybody in the community is really good at game. Remember most guys that are in the community for a long time, know that this is a myth. But a natural as i will repeat assumes everybody is like him and good at seduction. The questions start getting troll or attacked. A good example is one of my post in a forum asking how guys deal with clingers and stalkers… I got called every name in the book, and troll hard. They thought i was bragging, but it was a real scenario, cause a lot of them could not relate.

The elders feel threaten and start fucking with them in various forms.

With time in forums the naturals start to understand the psychology, terminology and how to explain in a way that makes community sense.

They start posting their style, giving advise, posting field and lay reports, and gaining some followers.

Then they start gaining popularity even over some community dudes.

The community dudes start getting jealous or threaten and nitpicking, taking shit out context, doing Karl Rove shit…

Then the group theory kicks in, some community elder does not like or approve of natural, his friends and some of his followers follow.

The natural gets pissed off and fed up and leaves or stop posting.

The community dudes keep rehashing the same old tired theories and concepts instead of accepting new shit or maybe a twist to the shit they are doing.

One Final note, remember who was numerous times the number 1 pick up Artist mystery and style. How are you guys liking their shit now a days?

Some misunderstanding about naturals and troubleshooting:
1.- They join to make money.

Answer, no they join for a sense of belonging. In other words being in a place were a bunch of players and seducers hang out together.

2.- Community guys get more girls than naturals.
Answer, Very few community guys get more girls than naturals and that may not even be true.

3.- Naturals are in the matrix.
Answer, may or may not be true. Some naturals pretend to be in the matrix, but they are not really in the matrix.

4,- Community guys are better than naturals.
Answer. That may or may not be true and hard to measure. As Mark Manson says if you are laying 1 out of 10 women or less you are good enough.

5.- Popularity = skills.
Answer. Being popular In the community and having high selling products, blogs, years and following does not necessarily mean that the community dude is better than the natural.

6.- Community guys give better advise and get people lay more than naturals.
Answer. That may or may not be true, it depends on the teacher, the dude doing the execution and very little to do with community vs natural. Though a newer natural may not understand what he does and how to explain it properly, but he can learn with time on the forums and reading.

7.- Community guys do everything more smooth with better lines.
Answer. That may be true, but who the fuck cares as long as you achieve the goal of putting your dick in her pussy.

8.- Community dudes are more well rounded with self development.
Answer. Probably true, most good naturals i know are scumbags.

9.- If someone was new would you recommend learn from natural or community dude.
Answer. Whatever gives YOU better results on your life.

10.- Most original methods are reverse engineering of naturals for example:
By phangan,

MM – Reversed engineered Alpha Male of the Group model.

60 YC – Reversed engineered “the sexy ‘quite type’ seducer” model.

GWM – Reversed engineered “the asshole guy that just gets what he wants” model.

S&A – Reversed engineered “the sweet talker / charmer” model.

AFC Adam – Reversed engineered “large social circle” model (from what I heard… never really got into it)

This is an example of different somewhat successful naturals

By Warped Mindless,

Over the years of being in the community, going out, networking, and just generally meeting a lot of people I have ran across plenty of so called “naturals.” Many of these “naturals” do things that contradicts community teachings yet still get laid. Below I’m going to talk about a few of these guys that I have met over the last few years and briefly explain what they do.

Just to be clear… I’m am in no way, shape, or form saying that you should copy these guys. I’m not saying what they do will work for everyone. Hell, in some cases what some of these guys do is morally questionable. The names of the following has been changed.

Joe. Joe is 26 years of age, around 6 foot and slim built. Joe is a general manager of a local fast food place and has worked there for 5 years. Joe’s entire method involves going out at 2am and going up to every single cute chick he sees and getting physical and sexual FAST. If the girl isn’t willing to leave with him in five minutes he goes onto the next girl. He will do this until there are no more girls or until he pulls one home.

A good number of the girls Joe sleeps with are drunk (no surprise, right?) but often enough he nails a sober one who was impressed and turned on by his bold, direct behavior. This guy has been doing this from years and claims to have learned this from watching his older brother. I’m guessing his lay count is around 200. Joe doesn’t do relationships. he never says why and although I have my theories I’ll just leave it at that.

Rob. I met Rob at Myrtle Beach this year when he tried to sell me a condo or something. Rob is above average looks, also around 6 foot, and athletically built but not necessarily “buff.”

What you have to know about Rob is that he is a scum bag. He ended up being a friend of a friend and I learned over drinks how he pics up women.

He approaches pretty damn near every hot chick he sees day and night and hands them his card. He introduces himself as a talent scout of a modeling agency and tells the girl she would be perfect and that she should call the number on the card to set up an interview. The card is real enough, the cell number listed on it works as does the website. So whats the catch? Hes not a talent scout and he built the website himself to appear more legit. When a girl calls him he sets up an interview and “suggest” that he could get her higher on “the list” if she sleeps with him. Thats pretty much all. He says he has fucked around 50 women in the last two years doing this. He may or may not be exaggerating but overall I believed him.

Nate. Nate is a buddy from Chicago. Extremely average looks and stands around 5’9. Slim profile. Dresses very well and is extremely fun, sociable, and charming.

Nate doesn’t exactly “cold approach” in the traditional community sense. Nate goes about his day and strikes up conversation with damn near everyone with in earshot of him. Generally its just small talk and its just Nate being Nate. However, when its a cute girl he will be his regular self, doesn’t try to “game” her or anything. Before he or the girl leaves he hands her a card with his cell number on it and tells her “I throw big parties a lot and also organize social events. Ever want to come out with us just give me a call.” He will also post on facebook daily about his friends going out to a bar or him having a party and invites everyone.

Nate then goes out or has his party with his friends and pretty much always some of the girls he met shows up. Because Nate is always the one setting up things he is the head of his social circle and therefore has the most “social value.” The women pick up on this and when you combine that with his charm and ability to make people laugh, many of the girls become interested in him. Nate simply looks for cues for the ones who are interested and then he takes his pick. Simple as that.


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  • Sky Franc says:

    Ya, the community tends to be full of a lot of guys who live rural areas and like to blast their frustration out through chat. I wouldn’t let it get you down though because when people see you in action then that is all that matters.

    If you can confidently pull the girls that you like with ease every night that you go out then that is all that matters. You will be seen as a guru by those that notice and in time your name will grow. Mystery worked his ass off to get to the point he is at so of course you will have to do the same.

    Good luck.

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