Persistance Without neediness (tales from the club)

two-girls-one-jealous-guyAs always a bit long, but I will make it interesting and enjoyable.

In this tales from the club, I am trying to show some calibrated persistence without showing neediness. The reason is I have seen guys doing persistence all fucked up in the clubs (specially my former wings). This one I play the persistence card, again without being needy.

Online dating has been too slow for me, the 2 girls I was talking to and they want to bang have put me into “boyfriend potential”. Though I have done everything I always do to come across as a “lover“, due to the required attention and courtship they require (which I blow off every attempt). One is kind of running out of patience ( I may fuck her tonight though), the other one (which i really like) is moving to Miami today (got a job there).

So I go out with my new clothing style (post on this soon). I get asked out by one of the girls in my rotation that I barely ever see: “I am going out with 6 girls”, One is bi and I told her about you (my mind goes to 3 some, cause she has been asking me to go to swingclub too). However, I know seducing girls in front of a girl you have been with is a HUGE mistake, due to cockblock on steroid factor.

So I think, well a way around this is to hook her up with somebody, but who? I think of one of my wings. So I text my wing to come out with me, as always, wasting time getting drinks, weed and phone dating apps. Tell him to pass by the club (which he never did). As I said here, wings are pretty much extremely useless.

Go to the club, awkward at first, we go to another club area. I dance with all the girls, other girls around opening me and dancing with me. Finally, the hottest one in the group likes me and I like her back, but but but, my fuck buddy is there, I hook everybody up with different dudes. I become Mr. okupid.

Waste of time, nobody is gonna pull, the hottest girl I like goes to the bathroom with my fuck buddy, comes back totally cold (I know what happened cock blocked successful). Done! they all want to go out to eat, I ain’t going, fuck that!.

Go back to the club open a girl, my usual banter and cold reads. I did something really cool when her friend came to “cockblock”… I introduce the new girl i just met to her own friend: “this is my friend (her name) she is really cool” and repeated every piece of information acquired during the “convo” she is from Boynton, she works at the (her place of work) etc… etc…

^ That shit worked! cockbock disarmed, now cockblock is dealing with a clinger, they eject to try to deal with the clinger. And I did something that I don’t really ever do, I followed them to the other area, while being 10 feets behind, again giving her space. Cause I know my girl likes me, and the problem is the other dude and not me.(Of course the other dude does not get the hint, but is not my place to get involved). Fucking dumb fuck other dude bought her drinks just lol…. The cockblock say “hey we are going to get drinks” I said “cool we will be right here” Isolation accomplished and me buying drinks negated.

They are both at the bar, I go up to them, my target: “we are just getting drinks will be right back”, me “did you guys leave to try to get rid of that other dude?” my target “yes”….

^ Again I back off the body language says I want space. Now I know that the cockblock is there to “bump into accidentally with her ex”, so they are working that shit.

I go to the dance floor, leave them alone, my target comes back. Some drama between my target, cockblock ex, and cockblock.

So cockblock ex is having a discussion with my target. I introduce myself to cockblock ex and eject while in the area.

Cockblock ex: “your target is a bad influence on my ex”

me: yeah! she is trouble don’t invite her to the wedding, invite me instead.
Now me to target briefly isolated before I leave her alone again while being in the area with proximity: “I know exactly what is happening, just listen to me, your friend fucks up and blames it on you, i got it, i know the dynamics, don’t worry i will not be all over you i will leave you alone, so you do not look bad, i got it, don’t worry”

target: Exactly! she is the bad one

target and cockblock ex cont. discussing retarded shit about the relationship with his ex.

I ignore and go to the dance floor while being at close distance.

Finally cockblock and ex cockblock hook up, bingo!

I go up to them and say “wowow you guys are a good couple, i predict a long marriage and 3.2 kids, no 4, 3 kids and a dog” I know is none sense but who cares (they will break up in couple of weeks)

Club is closing, I walk my target to her car, she is walking really fast in front of me, so i give her “space” cause she is probably “testing for neediness” or “trying to get rid of me”…

Again I follow without hurrying and trying to catch up… Now at the exit of the club she stops (bingo! waiting for me haha!)

I hold her hand and we leave.

target: you don’t have to walk me.

me: I know, don’t worry.

target: fucking lost don’t know where she parked

me: download google maps that iphone app sucks.

target: ok my car is here (garage), ok you can go if you want.

Me: fuck that! drive me to my car

target: my car is a freaking mess.

me: yep! all women cars are a freaking mess, I am used to it, they are clean but messy, i got it

Target as she bend over cleaning the car: i start massaging her ass lol

she comes out open her legs, lift up her dress and says “finger me i am all wet”

I finger her a bit but say “nah there are cameras drive me to my car”

she drives me to my car, i say follow me..

At my house she comes in lays in the bed, i offer something to drink.

Target: “i am good”

I fuck around with “alexa (amazon echo dot device)” she laughs.

I undress, I start fucking her. She is super super wet, and super super tight.

target: “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, don’t stop, don’t stop”

me: ok, but i am tired..

She repeats that shit! I am exhausted, but her pussy is the best super super super tight…

She is a little freak likes it in the ass, but I am too exhausted and i bust.

She leaves did not have to kick her out…




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