Really Easy And Powerful Way To Escalate From Hi! (Milking The Intro.)

handshakeI can not believe It took me this long to figure this out. See, my style of seduction is very similar or identical to 60 Years Of Challenge, the difference is I mainly do it on the dance floor. But when my buddy Warped Mindless told me about 60 Years Of Challenge and I read it, I was like shit that is exactly what i have been doing for years as a natural.  Anyways, so my curiosity let me to youtube (first video at the end of the post). So the first time I watched the video i thought, “uhmmm I don’t do that shit, sounds like retarded marketing”.

It was not till couple of years later (about 2 months ago) that I came across infield footage of good looking loser (second video at the end of the post), that I notice him holding the hand of the girl without letting go.  So my first thought was  “that is retarded”.  Then, I was like “oh shit, 60 Years Of Challenge advises the same shit”. So I started trying it and feeling comfortable with girls I knew (eating shit, just testing) and I notice a bit of sexual tension (bingo), that is all I needed to know.

Lately after the clubs I visit a friend of mine that is security, in one of the after hours were everybody goes after the clubs. So couple of dudes know i am skills and i do dance floor game, but me and my ego wanted to show them i am not one trick pony, so i told myself, let me show these kids how is done (and pass my biz cards for coaching). So I have been opening and seducing girls after hours and incorporating the milking the handshake. THAT SHIT WORKS!

So my advise to you is to try it first with female friends, or warm girls that you know, get comfortable with it and get to the point were there is that uncomfortable sexual tension on her part. Make sure she gets to that point, or not. But, the most important thing is that you stay unaffected.  When I was experimenting with it, girls never got uncomfortable, neither when I tried this technique on my seductions.

This shit is gold, I can not believe I never used this simple escalation step before or taught it, I am kind of mad at myself for that. Anyways, for a live example watch how good looking loser does it in the second video ( I do not do it like he does), but the video shows how he holds her hand and does not let go. The first video by 60 Years Of Challenge is the explanation, fast-forward to minute 3.24 to skip the long intro.

Milking The Intro. By 60 YOC

Here is a sample with Good Looking Loser:

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