Some simple cold reads that I use in the clubs

cold readingI already covered some of the banter that I constantly use in the clubs and the streets in my mega collection of cheese banter and lines series.

So here I will cover some of the cold reading techniques that I usually use in clubs. Remember my style is extremely physical and very little to 0 verbals… But, at some point I do talk and interact with the girl for comfort and to show that I am human.

So first what is a cold read, I like Neil Strauss definition:

“Cold reading is a series of techniques that helps you to discover details about a person so that you can convince him or her that you know more about them than you actually do.
Cold reading can be as simple as making something up about someone that they could perceive as true”.

Here I will cover most of the cold reads that I use that work for me consistently, please look at patterns when you are interacting with women and people in a particular area. For example, in South Florida 40% of the women I meet are teachers, another 40% of the women I meet work in some type of Health care capacity.

So based on my stats, when I meet a girl I say “what are you? you look like a (pause) teacher or nurse?

hot babe: omg! I work in healthcare how did you know? see even if you are off guessing she is a nurse, you can follow, with yeah I knew you were somehow in some type of medical related field, I can see you are sweet and nurturing.

Now even if you are 100% off, you can say “oh shit! you know what that was my next guess”

Now if she says, “omg! how did you know i was a nurse?” I follow “that is all i attract nurses and teachers they seem to love me, I don’t know why” see now, I got social proof, so in her head “if all the nurses like him and i like him, then i am making the right decision” cause women just follow trends and what everybody else is doing.

Now since i have dated tons of nurses and teachers, i can talk their ear off about the industry and of course bring sexuality to it: “they are so stress out that they need to realize all that tension somewhere”… See I am being sexual, but in a way that is smooth.

Now, that was an example how based on my experience in an area with a lot of women I developed a cold read routine…

Remember also when they say _______________fill in the blank profession, always say: Oh no! you are trouble! we could never get along! and act like you are walking away…

She will start qualifying herself…

Also you can say my ex was a _____________ Fill in the blank profession that she is. Again women do what other women do. (I know is hard for Alpha type dudes to understand but women are like that). Let me illustrate with an example, if one girl gets a period, they all get the period around the same time. Another example, if one girl breaks up with a dude, all of her friends will, within months  have problems in the relationship and break up as well. Finally, if one girl cheats in the group, the other ones will cheat as well eventually.

Okay now that i broke everything down on how to develop your own cold reads, lets look at the ones that i use:

– You seem like you are shy and guarded at first then you open up and let go. (The funny thing is that ALL HUMANS are pretty much like that, but they eat it up)

– [As i hug side to side to point at the girls in the club], see you are fun, look at all the girls, they are not dancing, letting go and having fun like you are. You know what i like about you, is that you don’t care what everybody thinks, you have this amazing/awesome vibe about you, i love it, are you always like this?? (I used this with girls that can dance and are fun, so there is an element on truth in this one)

– I also fucked up the cold reading on purpose, in other words lets say I am with a “white girl” with a big booty, I would say you are cuban aren’t you? (of course i know she is not cuban, but i say this cause she has a big ass to sexualize and grab her ass), she says “no! why you say that?” me: because of that ass, don’t lie to me.

-Finally, if age comes up and she tells you to guess, if she is a cool girl that is into you, and she looks 28 say she looks 10 years younger for example (5-10 younger)… If the girl is a bit of a bitch or too stuck up, pump of her age by 5 or 10, so she get off her high horse…

^ my point with this post is not to feed you lines, but to show you an structure on how to come up with your own cold reads and banter…
Out niggas!


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