Why I totally got rid of the product section of the blog

productFor me credibility is extremely important. Till couple of weeks ago, I had a product section since I started the blog. However, I got rid of it. The reason I had that section was not due to money (Most products were free or I barely made a dime) but, cause I thought the products were excellent and would make an impact on the aspiring seducers’ life.

Fuck skills!  then why you got rid of the section? The reason I got rid of the product section is because when I was helping somebody or posted a video of a Seducer I recommended to make a point or to teach a seduction subject. I would always get someone saying “he is doing that cause he has a financial interest”.

I finally got tired of that! and now I only promote my own book, and if I recommend some other book, I don’t have to deal with that shit!. Out!

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