Balding Game: Solutions for the attractive masculine bald man

neil-strauss-before-and-afterI see a lot of questions on the forums from dudes going bald. So I decided to do a quick post and video blog.

The better you look = You look younger and the easier women will be or the less numbers game you have to put in to get laid.  Unfortunately balding reduces your attractiveness if you do not do anything about it. The reason being, is that balding subcommunicates that you are not in control dlv (in pua terms) so here are some things you can do:

1.- Shave your head. Caviat.- Some dudes do not look good with shave head.

2.- Have some type of facial hair.- I have talked about this subject multiple times, so look at some of my previous post on facial hair.

3.- Dye your hair and beard. This will make your hair and beard look fuller, cooler,sharper and will hide grey hair. I can not emphasize enough to stop being a cheap ass and go to a professional urban type barber.

4.- If you have little to no hair you can get scalp micropigmentation. (head tattoo)

5.- If you are losing patches of hair nw2 or less, not that bad you can use minoxidil + nizoral shampoo.

6.- If you are nw3 hair transplants, they take hair from the back of your hair and put on top.

7.- Get a fucking tan, so your hair does not look like an egg.

8.- Hit the gym, bald dudes look more masculine and muscular. Make sure you pay special attention to the neck and back.(credit a seducer name  ijjji)

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