“I don’t usually do this”

grabbing his dickI am gonna keep this short, if you are with a girl, escalating and arousing her and she says “I don’t usually do this”  IT IS A BIG ASS HINT THAT SHE IS READY TO FUCK. The translation is I want to fuck you, please do not judge me as a slut. In other words she is down to fuck. So just agree with her, isolate her and escalate. Something you can say is: “hey i understand, i don’t judge, i just think we just have awesome/amazing chemistry”,  but since I am evil I just bust her balls and troll the shit out of them, but i do not recommend you do my approach. I say “Of course not, you are right, you know how many times i heard that, let me guess you only been with 3 guys too”. Out!

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    These ‘obvious’ pointers are gems that define the difference between winners and losers!! Keep up the golden content

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