Easiest Way To Guarantee Sex

massageI am a simple man, so sorry for my lack of vocabulary and mental masturbation… But if you want an easy guarantee way to get laid, get to the point were you can give a woman a massage, it does many things if you do it right: first women love massages, so they will never reject a massage, it almost completely kills the asd (anti-slut defense), it relaxes the girl, and the main part if you do it right IT TURNS HER ON A LOT, and built tension and anticipation…other tips, music,¬†massage toys¬†(the weird cheap ones at the malls, also when you bring a girl back to the house telling her that you got a show her something back home, curiosity, you can pull out the massage toy and say “here is the surprise and immediately start with her back) candle lights and lightning and all that gay shit a plus but not needed…Concentrate on the regular massage for the first 5-15 minutes, then switch gears to erotic massage(massage in ways that stimulate the pussy without touching it, for example upper tights and butt) if you do not believe me the crazy effects of a massage, google hidden/spy carama japanese massage porn… Finally, i highly recommend the book sex god, by Rose for bedroom skills…. And also lesbian massage porn.


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