Why The Girl Does Not Want To Turn Around During The Dance





Here is a question by a newbie, I decided to share and give you my take:



I’m sure a lot of you guys, especially ones who are great at dance floor game, can relate to that. Every so often you dance with a girl and she lets you do pretty much anything to her as long as it’s pleasurable and from behind. She may even let you kiss her.

And yet, that same girl would absolutely refuse to allow you to turn her around. This includes girls that come up to me and initiate the dancing.

From my experience, the responses range from being physically very strongly planted on their feet (I remember one girl who was like that and when I said I want to see you, she did allow me to turn her around and place my hands around her neck but did not give me any eye contact), to saying that she doesn’t do “face to face” to immediately freaking out at a hint of the motion.

I have several theories about this that I would want your input on:

1. They are afraid that the guy she is dancing with will try to kiss them or touch their breasts.
2. They are afraid that the guy they are dancing with will be creepy if they haven’t gotten a good look at him yet.
3. They dance with so many guys that the only way for them to do that is to block them all out (especially one that aren’t very good) and concentrate on the dancing, turning the whole thing into a blur. This may not be true for all of them.
4. They are shy and afraid that the guy will not like them as much if they see each other face to face.
5. They are afraid of falling for the guy they are dancing with.

These are my current thoughts on the matter. What do you guys think?

Also, what are some good ways to fight through this and actually show these girls that they could have a better time dancing face to face.


First, because a girl opens you in the dance floor does not mean the girl is necessarily interested in you or attracted. As i said in my book “Secrets Of Dance Floor Seduction” a lot of girls open guys for many different reasons:

1.- To get warm up at the beginning of the night: Usually at the beginning of the night most women are on the dance floor and there are no guys dancing, so often they open guys cause there is nobody else to dance with, just for FUN.

2.- Attention Whoring: Cause a lot of dancers call a lot of club attention, women want to show off.

3.-  Cause they like the dude: They are sexually attracted to the dude and then change their mind during the interaction (something the dude did disqualify him).

4.- She is using you as bait: A girl will shit test the dude they like or her partner by dancing with a dancer to make the other dude jealous.

5.- She thinks you are a harmless puppy: Sometimes they dance with a dude cause they thing the dude is not a sexual threat and he is safe.

Ok, so now that we got that out of the way, if a girl is not turning around when you are dancing with her she is just not interested. Now, let say I am wrong (which I am not) and she is interested or neutral, it is more efficient just to move on, of course assuming you have tried couple of times after mini micro escalating. As I always say “time is the most important asset when it comes to club game”.

The only other thing I can think of is that the dude is creeping them out some how or is trying to turn them around to soon during the interaction. Last, it could only be that his mechanics to turn the girl around  are fucked (but unlikely how hard is to lead the girl to face you). If you want to see how I turn them around you can watch my video on compliance, micro-escalation and arousal at the end of this post.



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