Gym, Tan and Laundry part 2 (my latest look maxing Epiphanies)

gymtanlaundry2Please check Gym, tan and laundry part 1 before reading part 2 for maximum benefit.

Couple of days ago I woke up and looked at my mirror and I was wowow! no fucking homo!; But, as an old fart my body looks really good (specially this last month). Also, it feels good when girls I am dating compliment me, girls online open me (specially girls that have on their profile that they are heavy into fitness, they make a living out of fitness training, and request no out of shape guys), co workers and women at the clubs complement me and ask me if I am stripper.

Girls I am dating get in their best shape of their lives, please see how I do this here. Friends travel an hour to sit down with me for fitness advice and they use my advice to tell the friends (a chain reaction) . Finally, when they all start getting in shape and directly attribute it to me. (Even the friends of friends that heard my advice but have never met me, for example one of my last main had a friend that was obese and lost about 30 plus pounds following my shit!.

Disclaimer.- This will sound controversial but I think toooo fit, based on my CLUB observations is not that good, since it intimidates, and make dudes come across a bit stiff, again my own take do not get butt hurt, my nigga pob is as fit as somebody can get, and he is killing it, but again my take based on my CLUBBING experience. The slender fit is the look i like (most Hollywood hunks), the problem is if you go for the brat Pitt Fight club look, it may not look like you lift with clothes on, so play with the looks and see what works for you.

Also guys, as I said in my book there are way fitter guys than me and I at my heaviest was STEALING their girls and winning at competing with them. Women attraction is not like dudes attraction we see a big ass or big boobs and that is it. However, with women you need a lot more shit, looks will only get you in, help you convert faster and give you a bit more room for mistakes in your game.

Now that we got out of the way,these are the biggest FACE PALM mistakes that I  literally wasted my time doing, with mediocre results due to my stubbornness, wrong info. and stupidity (wasted years)

Mistake #1: no tracking the calories in my fitnesspal.- For years I went with the “portion size” method, and guesstimating what I ate (since I was foolishly eating the small meals 6 times a day). As a result even though I was eating so called clean foods and working out like crazy i was getting fatter and fatter and frustrated and frustrated. Now I  literally eat whatever the fuck I want just like the Hodge twins, and I am still losing way more weight than eating so call clean foods (of course making sure that i get 1 pound of protein per body weight or at least 140-150 grams of protein).

Mistake #2: Changing exercise movement constantly.- I bought into the retarded Muscle confusion stuff, and that was idiotic my changing movements every couple of weeks, there were times I changed movements weekly. The better way is to stick to the same movement while getting stronger for at least couple of months. There are even establishments that make a living of changing a bunch of movements (Orange Theory).  Besides, I constantly see personal trainers having clients do a bunch of different routines from one day to another which is retarded (they have to do this to make money). Please, do not get me wrong you  still will get results, but never as good as if you keep with the same movements for couple of months while getting stronger and stronger.

Mistake #3: No tracking the weight used for exercises, so next time i can increase the weight. I did this when i first started for 3 months with a journal (about 25 years ago), then totally abandoned it. I would guesstimate the weight, again face palm. The key is to be getting stronger and stronger and stronger. So if you are not tracking and you are guesstimating the weight, you will get mediocre results. Since i wanted to be lean the dumb fuck me was “i need to do high reps”, which has nothing to do with being lean and fit (stupid ass bro science). Again to be lean and fit a deficit is required no the “reps”, on the contrary getting stronger and stronger will get you that muscle lean look.

Now I am android dude, for android this is the best tracking app and a MUST (is free by the way), is called fit notes (i can not live without it is amazing)

Now for the apple dudes this is the one I recommend, It is called strong.

Mistake #4: Eating the stupid ass bro science 6 times a day, facepalm still people doing that. Now this work is all calories in and calories out, specially for dudes that are bulking is easier that way. But, FOR ME, it was a mistake cause I was constantly looking at the watch making sure I did not pass 3 hours, it was too much work, I was constantly thinking about food, If i went more than 3 hours i was super hungry, I usually over ate. In short, a fucking mess, Intermittent fasting just makes stuff so easy and flexible.

Mistake #5: Cheat day.- This i am going to explain with a bit of math. As you guys know 1 pound of weight is =3500 calories. So lets say i am cutting (losing weight) and i am at a 500 deficit, so for the week before my cheat day (mine was Sunday), i am already by Saturday at 3000 calorie deficit, but here come Sunday I have my so called cheat day and on that day i eat 7000 calories. What just happened is that i negated a deficit and GAIN a bit of weight. So all of my doing things right for the week went to shit… Now what i do is that on Saturdays and Sundays, i go to maintenance or a little over on the day, it has worked well for me.

Remember what does not get tracked does not get measure = you are wasting your time and getting shit results…

here is part 1 for those that missed it.

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