Height Theory: The role of height in seduction and social dynamics (video blog)

twinsThis is a video blog, the subject of height has come up again in some forums. Anyways, this is a follow up video blog on height based on the post by Hunter Fox on  height matters, how to become taller. Enjoy!

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  • Hey Skills,

    Cool video, I really like that you explained both sides of the argument: there’s scientific proof that being tall IS a serious advantage, but also it’s not a make or break attribute and there are plenty of shorter guys who get awesome results.

    One point I would add that helps a lot – proper posture. It’s straight up sad to see a shorter guy who is unable to stand straight.

    I’d also like to add a few tips on how shorter guys should dress from one of my articles:


    Go for fitted clothing. (Vital)
    Choose pieces with vertical stripes to look taller.
    V-necks look great on you. (Debatable)
    Build single color / shade outfits
    Pick shoes with a substantial heel.
    Wear low rise jeans and pants.
    Use pieces to attract attention to your face and neckline. A good example would be necklaces and other accessories.


    Avoid baggy clothing.
    Say no to tops with big prints.
    Long hair will make you look shorter.
    Don’t tuck in.
    Avoid color contrasts between the upper and lower half’s of your outfit.
    Lose pointy shoes.
    When wearing buttoned blazers and cardigans make sure they have less than three buttons.

    Hope this helps,

    • Skills says:

      Good stuff David, I will try see to ad your suggestions to the video in form of annotations and post in the forum as well and give you a plug…

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