Julien Blanc, the seduction community and the misunderstandings of what it is that we do…

julien blancWhen I accidentally joined the seduction community as a natural, an outsider, I did not fit in. I could not relate to the mental masturbation and meaningless crap posted in the pua forums about 5 years ago. Since then, the community has moved from the manipulation, tricks and tactics,  That i hated and thought it was silly and low probability of success with women, to more focus on improving your looks, confidence, getting your life together, becoming more masculine and imitating attractive behaviors of natural guys that are good with women like myself.

Today, I do not mind being part of the seduction community and I am not hating on them as much. I used to be one of the haters of  Real Social Dynamics due to their spamming approach and the lack of emphasis on improving looks, but now I am coming to their defense. See it is easy for me to make a post on what is popular and what the trend is, which is to poop on RSD, but I am not going to do that.  In my opinion any company that tries to help men get better with women directly or indirectly, even if I do not agree with them much or at all (as long as is ethically and the dudes are actually getting results), is ok in my book. Now, I found this amazing video that talks about what the seduction community is, what is not and why we should stand in solidarity with Julian Blanc (kudos to a seducer name Animal who introduce me to the video). Now the dude in the video is a little bit feminine, but please watch the video with an open mind, his message is right on point.


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  • Ni Ca says:

    Nice post, as your point on the rsd’s views on looks however, tyler said in one of his seminars that he was encouraging guys to max on their looks, i think your referring to the blueprint opinion on looks, he encourages guys new to the game to max out looks because itl help to great degree but the reason tyler says he does not need to work on his looks is because of all the references plus hes been in the game for 10 years of studying, trial and error constantly thats why he can get the 9 or 10 in the club over the other guys who are good looking compared to him, yes julien doesnt care for looks much t all but its my hobby to work on my looks, I mean todd the other rsd instructor is consistantly sleeping with 9s and 10s yet he doesnt discourage maxing out looks but having said that insightful post as always, thanks skills 🙂

    • Skills says:

      Ni ca we will agree to disagree I have seen plenty of videos to counter your statements… No hating, just telling it like it is. Anyways soon I will make a post on looks and seduction, everyone is all over the place in the subject.

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