Massive cold approaching vs. Massive club hopping



I am against massive cold approaching (I am for cold approach which is gaming total strangers, but not MASSIVE TYPE COLD APPROACH) for many reasons:

  1. It is emotionally exhausting.
  2. It diminishes your self worth and feeling of importance.
  3. It is not fun.
  4. You will burn yourself out in venues, specially smaller venues and bars.
  5. It is not efficient.
  6. It does not have high possibility of success.
  7. You come across as a beggar instead of a chooser.
  8. In some cases it can be socially awkward and uncalibrated.
  9. It may lead to fights and you getting kicked out of venues in some cases.
  10. It is a lot of work.

With all that being said it does work, if you throw enough shit to a wall eventually something will stick, but it is as i previously mentioned not efficient and leads to burn out physical, emotional, mentally and in venues. So what is a better way, a better way is to mass approach clubs, so pick a strip or a location were there are many clubs that you could go cheap or for free. So let me illustrate with analogies and examples.

Let say you go to club xyz and there are 500 people, out of those 200 are women and 50 are fuckable/your type, so let say you mass approach the 50 women and the first 10 tell you to fuck off. Just by the beginning girls telling you to fuck off it will affect your confidence, no matter how confident you are. Let say some of the girls are around seeing was going on, and just seeing you approaching over and over and getting shut down, your coolness factor in the club will kind of drop to loser status, get me?; Then, as the night progresses you won’t be able to open or hook girls even if you are their type due to group thinking (if that girl shut him down then i need to shut him down to remain a cool girl and keep my social standing).

Vs. Massive club hopping…

Here is how it works, you go to a club, as soon as you go in you are normal social, at this point you are not mass approaching or picking up, you are just being a regular vanilla dude, but, you are having fun, dancing, saying hi or forcing hi on people you know and strangers. Identifying in that process the girls that are your type, who is with who, who are with boyfriends or dates, who are down to fuck etc… Then after you have all that data you narrow your selection out of 50 women, to lets’ say 5 women, so we have a problem is only 5 women, I know what you are gonna say, “hey dumb skills 5 women is not enough of a sample to do cold approach and close”, got you and i understand, but those are extremely hot leads, vs. poor leads, get me?. However, no matter your skill level 5 women is still 5 women which by default put you into scarcity which is not good for success in seduction, so how do we deal with that scarcity is by going all in, without fear of burning those 5 leads, cause we know we can start all over in the next club. Bingo!

So now if we fucked up in the first club, we repeat the exact same process in the next club, rinse, wash, repeat. Now our possibilities in the new club increase by odds and numbers and because all the guys that were there previous to our arrival become old furniture, we as we go in, we are the new shinny object. The girls in their mind are like: “who is that” “was that dude here” “i have not seen that guy before”. This is the process that I have been using for years with great success, no matter club conditions such as sausage fest, bad dj, lack of hot women etc…

So lets compare:

Mass approach dude goes to 1 venue and goes after 50 women, gets emotionally drained, exhausted, depress, tons of rejections=faps at home.

Mass club hopping dude goes to 3-5 venues and goes after 50 women all down to fuck… Gets tons of interested girls but only picks the more Down to fuck one of them all=gets a blow job or one night stand.

Take your pick…



  • Rafal says:

    hey Skills I have a question for you… what do you think of Chase Amante’s method….Point of my question is that I want style which suits me but is not about puting mask but beign myself… Recently I found his blog and it’s very interesting…I even have some results already in daygame..;d
    Besides i owe you big THANK YOU for your advice about night game that changed my dating life chers…

    • Skills says:

      My friend warped mindless loves chase amante, i read couple of his stuff but have not read enough to formulate an opinion, one of the top seducers i know writes for chase amante his name is “teevester aka tva_oslo” he writes there under the name Alek Rolstad, Chase Amante is legit so is Teevester. But my game style is totally different, you need to find out what works for you and the only way to find out is by field testing. Everything i write about is shit that i am doing or seeing on the field. Also, I game in hard environments like social circle places(group of people that don’t let outsiders like me in), sausage fests, bad clubs etc… So if my shit works for me in horrible circumstances imagine in good situations. Thanks for the comment and the love.

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