My theory on why I believe the hottest girls are more likely to have an std

man-and-woman-embarrasing-pic2-460x300In my opinion I really believe the hottest girls, top 1% , hot babe 10 or whatever you want to call them, are more likely to have an std (sexual transmitted disease).  A lot of people think I am crazy when I say this, and I never wanted to voice my opinion, since sometimes I get tired of getting into the same meaningless stupid ass fights, that are very common in the community.

But lately I feel more strongly about the subject after I talked to one of the top naturals I know, and he feels the same way. In fact, he told me that the couple of times he got stds (thank God they were curable) came from two different top 1% of girls/ hot babe 10 .

I finally felt the need to come out with my theory after reading this post, by a depress seducer, just in case some of you may feel the same way, this is his rant:

Hey guys

I would like to share my story with you, because I don’t want to share this with anyone I personally know, and I hope maybe some of you can learn from it, and I might find some support or insights from the community.

I’ve been a very active in-training PUA. I have a business where I live, and I travel often to other places to seduce women and sleep with them. I’ve used some techniques I’ve learned here and all.

In my life, I think I’ve slept with something like 10-15 different chicks, from which 5-7 were actually (young) luxury call non professional (students or other jobs) girls.

Recently, I dated with a 29 years old chick that was in a well educated healthy family… she went out very rarely and was, now that I remember it, living a healthy life, with regular sports, good food and also being very cautious (i.e. washing her hands after touching someone else’s hands and such).

First time we slept together, I remember she said we should do STD checks. I said no need I’m using a condom.

IN SHORT == Turns out, after all the whores and bad girls I’ve fucked, the “nice” girl was the one who fucking passed me genital warts (HPV).

At first, I thought it wasn’t a big deal. But then I did some research, and saw it was very contagious, even when not visible anymore.

I’ve been and am still very depressed. Not going out anymore, limited if not any social life, no women action going on… I feel like all what I’ve been looking forward building my seduction and my attraction levels were just for nothing since now I am a fucking STD bearer.

Guys, please do not think condoms protect you against HPV or even Herpes, they are useless.

I don’t know how to deal with this now.

I feel like I can’t just go and fuck around like I used to do. Even if I did find a girl, I suppose the right thing to do would be to tell her. Problem is I can’t tell anybody because it’s a small town, and if I do everyone’s gonna “tag” me and I won’t even be able to date anyone anymore.

I am living a healthy life and hoping to cure this shit as soon as possible…

But honestly I don’t know how to deal with things anymore…

Can I still sleep with women, with a condom and pubic hair, hoping it will be safe for them ?

Shall I find some young girl friend and ask her to get Gardasil the vaccine ?

I’ve even considered dating UK and Australian chicks from ages 18-23 since they are basically immune to this shit.

So here you are guys. Please be safe even with condoms and those “nice” girls that tend to stay at home and live a very healthy life, even though they are smart and beautiful. Always put the lights on when you fuck and try to see anything weird…

I would be glad to have your opinions on this. What would you do ? Would you say fuck it and still fuck women since 60% 20-30 olds already have one strain of it ?

Thank you for your time



So skills why do you think that the pickiest, highest quality women are likely to have an std, you sound like  a crazy lunatic? good question, and I understand your concern, but hear me out.

The top 1%, highest quality girls, pickiest girls, in general will go for the most desirable, attractive dudes possible. No, they will not go for the computer nerd, the choir boy or the nice guy (they will marry these dudes and while dating make them put on a condom, but meanwhile they will be fucking the fun dude without the condom, trust me on that).

So what is the problem with that? the most attractive dudes are typically dudes that are like me in other words a secret society dude and/or good natural.

So what is the problem with that? you don’t get it yet, those dudes get tons of pussy. Bingo!

Does not mean the girl is sleeping around or she is a bad girl or whatever.  I finally explained that to the poster and he got it. But in the process he spoiled my surprise, so let me quote his answer to my theory:

Hey guys

Thanks for your replies.

Well the fact is you are right, most “high quality girls” are high risk STD bearers, because they sleep with “high quality men”, which have slept with more than 20 different girls thus multiplying chances of having STD’s and giving it to them.

Real life examples :

Brad Pitt gave herpes to Angelina Jolie
Beckham gave herpes to his wife
Rihanna has herpes
Paris Hilton has herpes

You can look it up on Google images. They probable have more STDs.

^ He is right, but the number 20 is kind of low, it is more in the hundreds. So in conclusion, remember guys put a condom on and don’t forget women will fuck the fun guy and marry the nice guy.

Another reason why you should not put women on a pedestal in terms of hotness.

Finally, the poster might be wrong there is no way of knowing if she gave it to him or not, it may have been a previous girl, specially if he used a condom with the hottie.

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