Pinging women with Hurricane Irma

irmaPinging is when players, send a quick text, phone call or pm to revive dead leads, women in radio silence (no contact), or women that were hot and went cold.

In this post I showed many ways to do this in different occasions, but here I am going to show you how to turn tragedy into future lays even in a hurricane crisis.

As always I am using my usual sexual trolling (grandmaster style)


Me: tia did you prepare for the hurricane 3:15 PM

Venezolana (tia): Si sobrino 3:16 PM
Me: ok i am coming over, cause i did not 3:16 PM
Me: so i can die in my tias’ arms 3:16 PM
Me: lol 3:16 PM
Venezolana (tia): Claro mi amor 3:17 PM
Me: but i don’t know if is the hurricane that will kill me or your son hehe 3:18 PM

Me: did you prepare for the hurricane???? 3:12 PM
Ingrid: Yes, but I’m leaving to Orlando tomorrow after work, won’t stay here 3:23 PM
Ingrid: How about you? 3:23 PM
Me: i am going to dye in your arms 3:23 PM
Ingrid: Lol 3:24 PM
Ingrid: Seriously are you prepared 3:24 PM
Me: as i said i watched romeo and juliette and i was ready to die in your arms… But i guess iwill die doing a 3 some with my left hand right hand and micky minage 3:27 PM
Me: nicky minaj* 3:27 PM
Ingrid: Bobo 3:38 PM
Ingrid: Have fun w your 3some 3:38 PM
Me: i will 3:38 PM
Ingrid: Im sad that I won’t be part of it 3:38 PM
Me: you were a good friend i am preparing my will and will leave you my pipi 3:39 PM
Me: you never saw me this weekend 3:39 PM
Me: now i am dying without expressing my luv for you 3:39 PM
Me: goodbye 3:39 PM
Me: adios 3:39 PM
Me: sajonara 3:39 PM
Me: goodby early life 3:39 PM
Me: i will die in the hurricane 3:39 PM
Ingrid: Awe I feel honored 3:41 PM
Ingrid: You never saw me!!! 3:41 PM
Ingrid: You’ll be gone and I won’t know your pipí ;( 3:41 PM
Ingrid: So sad 3:41 PM
Ingrid: My life will be empty 3:42 PM
Me: i know 3:42 PM
Me: is so empty without me 3:42 PM

Tiffani tight: Hey sorry been slammed today… when are you looking to go 8:04 PM
Me: Saturday running from hurricane 8:05 PM
Tiffani tight: Every place is sold out this weekend…. we’ve been trying to help people all day  8:06 PM
Me: But they say maybe not a good idea 8:06 PM
Tiffani tight: And Saturday is going to be too late to leave 8:06 PM
Me: okay be safe thanks! 9:22 PM
Tiffani tight: You too! Hopefully it turns away! I will be riding it out at work! 9:23 PM
Me: omg no way! don’t go to work 9:23 PM
Me: i am going to take Friday off too 9:23 PM
Tiffani tight: Ha! I have to…. it’s my job! 9:24 PM
Tiffani tight: My kids are coming with me… and my mom is going to stay and watch them… We have guests booking who are running away from palm beach island 9:24 PM
Me: interesting 9:24 PM
Me: i may go to Orlando but they say everything is booked anyways 9:25 PM
Tiffani tight: Yeah everything is booked 9:25 PM
Me: i may just go to ny or something 9:26 PM
Tiffani tight: Better book it soon 9:26 PM
Tiffani tight: We have guests who are trying to get out and they can’t 9:26 PM
Me: oh fuck 9:26 PM
Me: anymore bad news 9:26 PM
Tiffani tight: Sorry man! 9:26 PM
Tiffani tight: Had to be the bearer of bad news 9:27 PM
Me: ;-( 9:27 PM
Me: nah actually very helpful thanks a lot! 9:35 PM
Tiffani tight: Wow so nice 9:35 PM
Tiffani tight: You and Alexa may just need to ride it out 9:36 PM
Me: i guess thanks again! muahz if i die i will put you in my will 9:37 PM
Me: I will leave you my beloved pipi 9:37 PM
Tiffani tight: Hahhahahahahha! 9:37 PM

Me: where are you going on the hurricane 3:11 PM
marylincubannurse…: I work 4:37 PM
marylincubannurse…: So I have to stay in the hospital during the hurricane 4:38 PM
Me: ok be safe sys 4:39 PM
marylincubannurse…: Where are you going 4:40 PM
Me: I was going to your place to die in your arms sys like titanic or romeo and juliette 4:40 PM
Me: but you fucked it up 4:40 PM
Me: so i will die celebrating a 3 some my left hand, my right hand and micky minaj 4:41 PM
Me: i will put you in my will 4:41 PM
Me: buy lovely sys 4:41 PM
Me: adios 4:41 PM
marylincubannurse…: Jajajajjaja 4:41 PM
marylincubannurse…: What do I get 4:41 PM
Me: i will leave you the 2 inchers 4:41 PM
Me: aka optimus prime 4:41 PM
Me: aka paco 4:42 PM
marylincubannurse…: Is it your button down shirts so I can pick up lots of girls at the club 4:42 PM
Me: aka mobie dick 4:42 PM
marylincubannurse…: Oh damn, even better 4:42 PM
Me: aka limp father of thousends 4:42 PM
marylincubannurse…: Lmfao 4:42 PM
Me: aka emprie state building post 9/11 4:42 PM
marylincubannurse…: Ya empezaste 4:42 PM
marylincubannurse…: Omg they didn’t even hit the Empire State Building 4:43 PM
Me: i know my luv that is my point 4:45 PM
Me: aka beloved pipi 4:45 PM
Me: aka flacid star 4:45 PM
Me: aka 4:45 PM
marylincubannurse…: Can your pipi blow the storm away 4:45 PM
marylincubannurse…: Because I was supposed to have the weekend off 4:45 PM
Me: nah buy you can blow the storm in my pipi 4:46 PM
Me: *but 4:46 PM
Me: now that i talked to you is acting up 4:47 PM
Me: a lot of movement 4:47 PM
marylincubannurse…: Dude do you remember that one guy I picked up when I saw you a couple weekends ago 4:47 PM
Me: no 4:48 PM
Me: i don’t pay attention to dudes 4:48 PM
Me: i am hetero 4:48 PM
Me: no homo 4:48 PM
Me: sorry 4:48 PM

Got many more with different girls but is repetitive and you get the idea….Out of the pings, may get 1 future lay, with a 5 minutes effort, 🙂 that is if i survive the hurricane…


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