Screening for sexual available girls versus traditional pick up

bad boyHey guys, some dude posted in one of the forums one of the best articles I have read in a long time, here is the article. It was a good article, but the dude came across a bit cocky on the forums, and turn off a lot of the seducers. But anyways, he got persecuted for no reason and nitpicked to death, which inspire me to do a video blog based on his article where I compare tradition pick up artists vs. screening for sexual availability/down to fuckness.  Enjoy!


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  • Funny, I also just stumbled upon that post from Sonny that you linked to. Best post I’ve read for a year at least. Good to see you feel the same.
    Also, good notes and observations on the video you shared, which is a great video with Scotty from as you also mention. And yeah – most of the PUA forums and gurus are bullshit.
    Cheers from Denmark

  • byronicmate says:

    I’ve subscribed, Skills. Your stuff so far has been golden. I really appreciate the Scotty/GoodLookingLoser Approach.

    • Skills says:

      It is very effective and efficient. You may get more rejections when starting out but you will get more lays and less rejection with time. Thanks dude!

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