The Ugly Truth Of Marriage And Relationships

cheatingI laugh when i get into a fights with dudes that think their women will not cheat on them.  Last weekend at the club I ran into my girlfriend step sister who was so in love with some dude, it was freaking annoying their public display of affection (got married this is a year later). So, I see her at the club with some other dude, she looks at me like if she saw a ghost, her face became blue, anyways… There is only one way to keep your women from cheating, and that is to keep them from being expose to cheating environments and/or situations, but in reality there is really no way. Any seducer that has been with a lot of women has some degree of paranoia after being with so many married women and with women with boyfriends.

So what are some possible solutions that may help and have worked for me:

1.- Go to clubs with them.

2.- Make sure you know and are in good terms with their female friends, screen the female friends (her single friends will sabotage your relationship).

3.- Make sure you go on the trips with them (women traveling down to fuck)

4.- Do not get comfortable in the relationship, do not stop being a challenge (be the same awesome dude she met, do not become a pussy).

5.- Punish bad behavior with freeze outs and withdrawal of sex and attention.

6.- Spice it up and push sexual limits (3 some,  swing clubs etc…)

7.- Make sure you are with the girl 6 months to a year before giving her your soul (screen right)

8.- Make sure you give her what she needs, not what you think she needs (big difference).

9.- Do some spiritual activities (church, yoga, kamasutra etc…)

10.- Look at her family history (does she come from a divorce family or are the parents together).

11.- Have an open relationship. (poly, mltr, oltr etc…)

12.- Re- invent yourself constantly (new hobbies, more money, better physical, beard, haircut, clothes etc..)

13.- Make sure she is always more invested in you than you are in her.

14.- Have strong boundaries

15.- Try not to get married or engaged under any circumstances.

16.- Fuck her good.


Here is Blackdragon who is one of the top Gurus in the community, on why monogamy does not work, it is a long post but worth reading specially if you are thinking to get married:

Here is Julien Rsd:




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