Gym Tan and laundry part 3 (my latest look maxing epiphanies)

gtl3Please take a look at part 1 and part 2 of the Gym Tan and Laundry series if you have not done so, this shit is stuff I wished someone had told me years ago.

In this one I am going to talk about style… Here is my style method and some of the advice the community of seducers gets wrong.

My number 1 mistake with style was looking at guys that get laid to see how they dress, this I used to advice all the way till recently… But, the FACT is that guys that get laid are not necessarily the BEST DRESSED GUYS. For example in my lifetime i got laid WAY MORE than most guys that dress well. A good community example was Neil Strauss (he got his name “style” cause he dressed super good) but he was a normal fag that barely ever got laid.

Second, fucked up advice (i think popular community dogma, is dress your age).- This is bs, Am i suppose to dress like an older guy, this is retarded….My look age is in my 30s, so why should I dress like an old man… Most hot older sex icons don’t dress their age.

Here is the look that I advice.- Dress like the hot pop culture guys when they dress casual including actors, musicians, models, Instagram popular dudes etc….

-David Beckman, Zac Efron, Justine Bieber, Drake etc….

^ Now that is how I  advice you guys to dress but what you really going to do is that you will go out and see the guys that dress really cool, you will notice cause whatever they wear looks good and calls your attention and fits right. Now, again these guys do not necessarily get the most girls, the best dressed guy I know is a promoter by the name of Drake (promoted in west Palm Beach of a club named Pawn Shop), I get 10 times more girls than he does, but he dresses 1000 times better than I do.

Now what you are going to do is go to pinterest and sign up for “men’s fashion” or something like that.

^Forget gq magazine and maxim and all that shit!, (That promoter Drake, was the one that told me that is how he get his dressing ideas)

^ After you go to pinterest and see the looks you like that match the best guys you saw out and about for example clubs, then you will go out a second time remembering pinterest and take a look at the guys that dress well and match what you recently saw in pinterest.

Now, what you will do is go out to specialty clothing store that specialized in designer for cheap the 2 famous ones are Sarah and H and M…. AND/OR DISCOUNT CLOTHING STORES, here is a list of the ones in USA (Ross, TJmax, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshals)

^ I really advice you do 2 stores in other words, 2 different Ross locations, or 2 different Marshall locations, or 2 different H and M locations…. And try to do it in good neighborhoods or new stores, they usually have way better selection.

Though I hate women advice when it comes to seduction, their advice is good when it comes to clothing.

Finally, go with your instinct if is ok or good, DON’T BUY IT, it has to fit PERFECT, for you to buy it…

^ Funny coincidence, i changed my style the same night i went out with my new clothing I got laid  and I got laid again this weekend from women that were total strangers (Tale from the club on the works).

Please take a look at this video covers the importance of fashion when it comes to seduction:

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