How to properly end the dance floor interaction!

club gameThere are different ways to end the interaction depending on the situation, I will try to cover as many situations that I have been in as possible and end them in a way that will give us the maximum dance floor seduction advantage.

Scenario 1.- Women open you or send someone to open you: Well, sometimes I am in the club and a girl will send a dude or a friend to open me. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the girl is not hot (I hate when she is not hot but the female friend is hot, since it sucks).  First thing I ask is where is she? that let me look and see if she is my type, if she is not, then I say ” I am here waiting for someone I met online”, but sometimes they keep insisting, so I say “No problem bring her here and tell her to come dance with me”. When they bring her, I say hi! give them a handshake and kiss on the cheek and I star dancing for about 2-3 songs, after I grab her hand and I LEAD her towards her friends, and give her another kiss on the cheek, deliver her to her friends and just walk away, 99% of the time they get the hint.

Scenario 2.- She is totally not interested and a total bitch: If I open a girl and I notice she is not interested by her body language (very unusual since usually they will not open)  I keep dancing facing another way, open someone else men or women (no homo) or just keep moving. In this case you want to minimize anybody around noticing this type of interaction since in a small venue could destroy your social value.

Scenario 3.-She is not interested but nice: Some girls are really not interested but are dancing with you just to get warm up (this usually happens at the beginning of the night), or cause you are the only dude on the dance floor, or cause they think you are harmless ( not a sexual threat), or cause they want to get a dude they are into jealous. If you follow my dance floor method, by escalation and vibe you should be able to know what is going on, as you notice the interaction not going anywhere or she is about to kill the interaction. You need to act fast before she is the one to kill the interaction and say thank you! then try giving her a kiss on the cheek for social proof, then move on.

Scenario 4.- She is on the fence, yellow, maybe: She is dancing with you letting you escalate a bit, but not fully compliant, you are in your head like “what the fuck is with this girl is she into me or not?” With these girls you do not want to waste to much time since things are not progressing. Usually this happens cause someone she knows is in the venue and the girl is worried about her reputation, or she is just not too sure or that much into you, or she likes you but she is just not sexually available  or ________________.  With these girls as well as with every girl you need to calibrate, in other words get a feel on how she is feeling, what is happening and what is going on. The more you go clubbing the more you will get a feel for things. What you do in this case, is when the vibe and momentum is dying get her number, I usually just ask to borrow her phone, and call my phone so I can have it as a miss call, or take her to the bar and get a pen and have her write it on a napkin or whatever your style of getting her number is, then kiss on the cheek and move on.

Scenario 5.- She is into you: Fuck the number go for the close, try to isolate or my style which is to stay with her as much as possible till you and her are alone together (which should happen at some point in the night no matter the circumstances take a look at my how to guide for one night stands in clubs and bars). However, if logistics are not there, just do exactly what I suggest in the previous scenario.

Scenario 6.- Clingers level 5 and stalkers: In this case I advise you to be super rude to her, even if you feel like shit and/or go to another venue, they will fuck everything up and even if they don’t they will be another thing to worry about.

Scenario 7.- Some other dude shows up out of no where and she is into him: Usually is a boyfriend, a guy she is into, or a fuck buddy she is into, or who knows. In this case I either move on without saying a word or keep dancing like I don’t know what is going on (in case is a brother or friend and she is coming back) or I open a close girl or dude nearby (no homo).

I am sure there are way more situations, but that is what I can think of as of now, I will probably keep adding as they come up in my upper head.


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