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This post inspire me to write this blog, here is an intermediate player complaining about escalation:


What I noticed is that some aspects of direct game are starting to fail, especially rapid escalation in clubs.

The reason this is (I believe, thought i’m not qualified to say this), is because women are becoming acutely aware of pick up. There are more and more guys trying pick up and the approaches are much getting harder faster and more intense.

I constantly see pua groups out in clubs now in fact In some cases they actual make up the majority of the club clientele! I have seen guys do some amazing things recently but girls can see it coming a mile off, and there on guard!

Rapid escalations are now a thing that girls will try and stop, in the same way that If you pulled out a pack of playing cards or a rubix cube in the late 2000’s they had you labelled!!
And yes like us they have developed their own game to deal with 30 AFC’s rapidly escalating them every night.

I have seen others and myself been very quickly stopped on rapid escalations far more then I have in the past. And guess what . . the excuses are all the same! They actually sound like canned female material for testing guys.

Shockingly, girls who have used excuses like
; I want to be friends, I have a boyfriend,
please move your hand it’s disrespectful
or even just keeps moving your hand repeatedly of them and/or refuse to close them.

Then 15 minutes later end up getting in the car with you providing you don’t push it and letting you bang them. Contradictory eh =P?

Trust me they want to fuck to, but not some “seedy player guy” as one girl put. This is what there now screening against because there are simply so many of us now escalating unnaturally quickly. Before it was a novelty for a girl something new and brave . . now it is not.

Just the other night I took a girl back to mine and I didn’t even touch her before I got in the car and banged her, just had a nice 20 minuet chat about sailing boats beforehand.

My wing fucked two girls at there’s. In the club sat there with his hands in his lap. ( I the one who tried to escalate) one and got blown out.

On other occasions IV been chosen over guys with seriously good game because they pushed the escalation too far to quickly and got labeled.

One random PUA even told me my game was weak because I wasn’t escalating and closing BH8 in 30 seconds . . (funny because I took her home not him after he failed 3 escalation attempts)

They can see you coming

We are in a time where every other guy seems to practice pick up and escalates “rapidly” by historic standards.

Girls are becoming aware this is a false act and does not actually represent Alpha guys and are consequently pretty disappointed when they realized they went home with a guy who may not have been the great seducer he made out to be in a one minuet second show of lies!

So what to do if you can’t escalate?

Well you can! . . but it is more important to show you have the ability and are ready to give it if she wants it (and earns it). This shows you can not only escalate, but you can hold a level of restraint and read what she wants which is even more important.

It takes longer because there’s more screening involved but its worth it.



I am gonna start by saying that escalation is not a gimmick or a technique that you use to get a girl. If you use the escalation the wrong way, without compliance and some type of investment you will creep women out.  The way that I use escalation is as a screening mechanism to gauge interest and screen girls that are interested, neutral or not interested. Till this day this is one of the best ways to screen, I also want to point out that escalation can be verbal, written (sexting), physical.

The problem I see with physical game is that every other coach now and seduction school is jumping on the bandwagon.

I really believe this is good and the community is moving in the right direction.

The good old days was talk talk talk with scripted crap, ignore the girl, win her friends, let her try to get your attention, play hard to get, wait 7 hours and fuck her. Which is the stupidest shit I ever heard in my life.

The problem is not the escalation the problem is the “mass approach mentality” promoted by seduction schools, specially rsd. There is nothing wrong with that, specially if you are learning. The problem is when you are in a small to medium size venue around 1.30 am – 2.00 am. There are three times the amount of guys vs women and you have a bunch of uncalibrated new seducers, guys with weak game doing mass approaches, persistent, not getting non verbal and verbal hints etc…

Therefore, women will get creeped out, the bitch shield will go up, and in her eyes every dude is the same, specially when they are all behaving the same way.

So what are some solutions, well learn to identify approach invites and correctly interpret body language. Learn how to get and identify compliance and investment from the part of the girl. When to escalate, when to back off, when to move on.

Pick venues were you do not have a bunch of newbies doing mass approaches. Actually, if I was in those venues, this would help me, since I would come across as different from everybody else.

Remember club game is difficult already and it can be brutal, specially if is sausage fest, garbage time and if you don’t know what you are doing.

With all of that being said remember I would rather lose a girl by escalating than by no escalating.

Escalating and creating arousal is one if not the most important tools in seduction.

Here is a good video on escalation that matches what I do in the field, this video is awesome and right on the money.




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